Jenn Dee

Jenn Dee Personal Branding and Darkest Night Photo Composite

Artist Statement

“I have always been one who loves to keep busy. I am always full of ideas and usually have a hundred projects going on at the same time. As a fine artist, I have always filled up the canvas with my concepts, feeling that every element is meaningful and important. In learning the art of graphic design, I have learned the importance and beauty of white space.
At first the concept of white space felt empty and huge. It felt like wasted space. It mentally challenged me. Just like the more silent moments in my life, the white space was something that felt endless and void; it needed to be filled up. Graphic design has taught me to embrace this negative, quiet space, that is uniquely powerful and an absolutely necessary element.
During the recent events happening in our world, I have found that I am increasingly confronted with the white spaces, and I realize that these are the places in which we can breathe, find a moment, see things more clearly and ultimately grow.
Each piece in my portfolio reflects a part of my aesthetic and life experience, from environmental and social issues, to kitschy and quirky cultural references. It is my hope that you will find the quiet places in each of these compositions, so that you too will be able to contemplate, if only for a moment.”

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