Charlotte Dufresne

Charlotte Dufresne Personal Branding and Charmant Magazine Cover
Charlotte Dufresne Personal Branding and Charmant Magazine Cover

Artist Statement

“Some of my best work has taught me to keep in mind that patience is key and that all projects are a reflection of who I am and what I can do. My skills have evolved over the years and have started with drawing. I pursued this interest from a very young age and have followed it ever since, allowing it to spark creativity and a path to more advanced skills. My ability to draw has been passed down from both sides of my family and have shaped the way I learn and thrive. My graphic design major started in high school where I spent four years learning beginner to advanced skills at Nashoba Valley Tech. This school allowed me to create what I wanted in art and design. From there I graduated with high honors and achievements in all academic areas to start my life as a college student. I will be receiving my Associates degree in May and shall transfer to a four-year school to obtain my Bachelors. I hope my art speaks for itself and allows other people to be inspired and excited for the future.”

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