Contract Specialist, (FT), Department of Housing and Community Development, Boston, MA

Official Title: Contract Specialist – (1900037M)
Full Time
Company: Department of Housing and Community Development
Location: Boston, MA
Application Deadline: 5/22/19 or until filled
Salary: 62,530.26 – 90,570.48 Yearly

Job Description: The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) is looking for a highly skilled professional to assume a vital role in its Division of Housing Stabilization as a Contract Specialist. The successful candidate for this position would have the responsibility to ensure that the Commonwealth’s adult homeless population utilizing the Department’s individual shelter programs receive the best possible services while living in those shelters. These programs are contracted with various non-profit vendors throughout the Commonwealth.

To be successful in this role, a person must be able to process contracts accurately while meeting all deadlines. In addition, the person must be able to work effectively with the program staff to develop any needed amendments.  Periodic site visits to all the shelters are an important part of this position. Therefore, the person in this position must be able to effectively communicate with the residents to ascertain whether or not there are discrepancies between the programs described in the various contracts and the actual services rendered at the sites.  If there are any discrepancies, the person in this position must ensure that they are rectified in a timely manner.  Finally, the person who is chosen for this position must produce reports that not only provide statistics on the shelters but more importantly provide data analysis that can be utilized by the top management staff in making future decisions on this program.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (these duties are a general summary and not all inclusive):

1.Develops, negotiates and executes timely and accurate contracts, renewals and amendments

2.Works with vendors to ensure maximum contract utilization in order to provide coordinated, appropriate and effective services to homeless clients.

3.Reviews for accuracy and authorizes on a monthly basis vendor’s request for payment within required timelines.

4.Conducts annual desk review to monitor contract compliance and goals as well as provides technical assistance and when necessary develops corrective action plans.

5.Conducts annual site visits, one unannounced, to review facilities for compliance with health & safety codes and licensing requirements.

6.Interviews shelter residents annually to insure all services are being received in a safe environment.

7.Conducts annual reviews of client files, monthly reports, incident reports, staff issues, utilization and other program requirements.

8.Investigates client complaints and intercedes in resolution process between vendor/client.

9.Develops corrective action plans as necessary to address deficiencies.

10.Works with current vendors and potential new vendors to develop new programs and/or expand existing programs as assigned.

11.Provides technical assistance to employees and vendors to ensure compliance with agency rules and regulations.

12.May participate in Request for Response (RFR) evaluation committees.

13.Communicates with vendors and other state agencies by telephone or in writing to resolve accounting discrepancies or obtain documentation regarding dispute and reporting requirements.

14.Attends all mandated staff development trainings annually.

15.Performs other duties as assigned.

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