Exciting New Internships at Worcester Historical Museum- Video Production

Location: Worcester, MA

Company: Worcester Historical Museum


Worcester Historical Museum Presents

“Stories from The Salisbury Mansion”

The Worcester Historical Museum, along with the entire nation, has been deeply impacted by the Covid-19 global pandemic. However, in this time of uncertainty, we have looked to continue our mission and have taken this time to expand our digital presence. In response we have launched new exciting projects. Our flagship project, “Stories from The Salisbury Mansion,” presents the opportunity for collaboration with your school and a way for your institution to help us spread Worcester’s history. We are offering several nonpaid internship positions to work on all phases and aspects of “Stories from the Salisbury Mansion.”

“Stories from the Salisbury Mansion” will be a series of short videos about life in the Salisbury Mansion. The stories will be in the perspective of the late 1820s to mid-1830s and will include personalities and events surrounding the Mansion with a focus on the Revolutionary era. Our plan is to include events that occurred in other parts of town and the outlying Worcester County region.

Phases of the Project:

1. Preliminary outline/storyboard

2. Research

3. Development of stories (identify characters/)

4. Script development

5. Costume Design

6. Actors/presenters

7. Organize and set up filming

8. Editing

9. Uploading to digital platforms

Expectations for Interns:

We have several unpaid internship positions open to work on all phases of the project. We are offering hands on opportunities that range from historical research, to storyboard/script writing to acting, costume design, filming and editing. Ideally, we would like students who can sign on and commit to working on one of phases of the project until completion (and those students who can commit to more than one phases are more than welcome to). Although students who are studying the area, they are interning in is preferred we are open to any student with a passion to work on this project. Students can benefit from hands-on learning in various areas and responsibilities can be as limited as general assistance to major roles to taking the lead in areas especially around acting, filming, editing and script design.


These presentations will be placed on a platform that will potentially have a wide audience. They will reflect the mission, purpose, and collections of Worcester Historical Museum and Salisbury Mansion, as well as community/visitor interests. Therefore, the historical research that informs these presentations and the presentations themselves will need to be approved by WHM staff.

Future Steps:

We are excited to be launching this project and we would like to roll this out this project by the start of the academic year. While it will be challenging with the current Covid-19 environment, we are prepared to plan and coordinate work. If interested, we can schedule a meeting to discuss further details including logistics and start times.

This project will be under the following WHM staff team:

· Robert Stacy-Salisbury Mansion Site Manager

· Lynn Soucy-Assistant to the Executive Director

· Matthew J. Brennan-Worcester Historical Museum Building Manager


To aplly or for more information on this opportunity, please contact Matthew J. Brennan at mbrennan@worcesterhistory.net.