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“3 Yellow Balloons” T-shirts to Benefit the One Fund Boston

The Computer Graphic Design Club at Mount Wachusett Community College is sponsoring a t-shirt sale to benefit The One Fund Boston after the Boston Marathon bombing. Computer Graphic Design Department Chair Leslie Cullen designed the “3 Yellow Balloons” logo and t-shirts after the tragedy as a fundraising contribution for the victims of the attack.

When two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon on April 15, three yellow balloons were catapulted upward by the force of the extreme blast. The balloons gracefully fluttered and floated above the ground as chaos erupted amongst the crowd. These three yellow balloons are now a profound symbol of the three lives lost in those fateful moments, Cullen said. They also pay homage to all the victims and their long recovery ahead; they salute the heroes and the first responders who so bravely aided in the hours and days that followed; and they appreciate the manner in which all of Boston, our communities and beyond, rose together above it all.

“As a professor of graphic design and someone who is passionate about this cause, I wanted a way to help,” Cullen said. “I designed the 3 Yellow Balloons graphic to represent the thoughts and feelings surrounding these tragic events, but most importantly it is a symbol of hope, strength, rising to challenges, and the power of the human spirit. By purchasing a t-shirt, you will be providing the 200-plus victims of the marathon bombings with much needed support in their long road to recovery.”

All proceeds from the sales of these t-shirts will go directly to The One Fund Boston, Inc. The t-shirts can be ordered through May 14 at: