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Community College Pros and Cons



Green circle with white checkmarkAvoid Student Debt: Save Money Then Transfer

You can save tens of thousands of dollars by attending a community college. The list price for the Mount is under $4,000 per semester (full-time). Most students at the Mount receive some form of financial aid (59%). 25% of students pay nothing out of pocket! (Part-time students must take at least 2 courses (6 credits) to maintain financial aid). After graduation, transfer is easy since we have agreements with several four-year colleges and universities, both private and public. In fact, Massachusetts guarantees acceptance into programs at MA state universities to students who graduate with certain majors.

Red circle with a white XFewer Degree Programs

Though the Mount tries to encompass a wide variety of degree programs we don’t have as many as some four year universities. Make sure you check out all of our degrees and certificates to ensure we have a program you’re interested in. We typically focus on offering programs that result in career-ready graduates that can obtain jobs that are currently in-demand in our area.

Green circle with white checkmarkFlexible for Students with Jobs & Families

A lot of students have family and work responsibilities. With evening class schedules, accelerated terms, online classes, and local campuses close to home, community college can easily fit into your life. In fact, most students at the Mount are part-time students (61%). Students who are parents of young children can also apply for subsidized childcare through our CCAMPIS program.

Red circle with a white XNo Sports/Athletics

The Mount does not have an athletics program – although many students enjoy intramural soccer and other outdoor games. Student athletes often play in local recreation leagues. However, we do have a large public fitness facility with basketball and racquetball courts, an olympic-sized pool, outdoor track and field, group fitness classes, weight and cardio equipment.

Green circle with white checkmarkGood for Students Who Aren’t Sure

Some students don’t know if they want to go to college or they don’t know what they want to study and that’s ok! At community college you can sample college life to see if it’s for you. You can take general education requirements — certain courses required for virtually all majors — in your first semester while you transition to college life. Small classes help because you will get more personal attention from instructors.

Red circle with a white XNo Dorm Living

The Mount does not have dormitories, instead all students commute to school via public transportation, car pool, or their own vehicle. That does not mean our students have to go home between classes. Many students stay all day, lounging in our Student Center eating in the cafeteria and studying in the Library. Others work all day and simply come for classes in the evening.

Green circle with white checkmarkSTEM, Nursing & Healthcare Students Get a Solid Foundation

The Mount’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) programs are very strong and many STEM majors easily transfer to programs at prestigious four-year colleges/universities. Most lab classes take place in a new building with modern spaces and equipment. Additionally, we offer a specific Allied Health pathway allowing you to get your prerequisites taken care of before applying for our selective healthcare programs like nursing, physical therapist assistant, dental hygiene, and veterinary technology.

Red circle with a white XPossible Transfer Stress

Students who are looking to transfer after completing their degree program will have to go through the process of applying to four year schools. This extra step is not always ideal for students because it can be time consuming and once you start at a four-year school, your college bills will be higher. To help eliminate these added stresses, our Academic Advising department offers many resources make the application process as easy as possible. The Mount also has transfer programs such as MassTransfer and 2+2, which offer many benefits to transfer students.

Green circle with white checkmarkQuickly Enter the Workforce with a Career Certificate

Employers are looking for educational credentials. Many of the Mount’s professional certificates can be earned in as little as two semesters and some ladder into our degree programs. That means, you can get a certificate, enter the workforce, and still plug away at earning your degree while working. If you should decide to further your education even more, you can always transfer after getting an associates!

Red circle with a white XStarting Over After Transfer

Students who transfer to a four-year school will also have to acclimate to another new community. They will have to make new friends, meet new teachers, and adjust to a new campus. However, students who start at community college get the benefit of building their self-confidence at MWCC first, preparing them to make connections with faculty and classmates at their new school.

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