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Nuclear Energy Documentary & Discussion

The Natural Resources capstone class, Global Environmental Issues, will show the film High Power on Wednesday, Feb. 12 at 1:45 p.m. in room 337.  Antinuclear activist Hattie Nestel will also speak on the topic. The MWCC community is invited to attend.

High Power, a 27-minute documentary about the health issues faced by residents of Tarapur, a town in Maharashtra, and home to the 50- year-old Tarapur nuclear power plant, recently won the Yellow Oscar in the short film category in the Rio de Janeiro leg of the Uranium Film Festival.

The film tour in the western MA occurs at a time that the US has agreed to a deal in which India buys six nuclear power plants from Westinghouse – a boon for the industry that is going bust in the United States. India reprocesses nuclear power waste into nuclear weapons and, thus, more nuclear power translates into greater weapons capability.  The US-India agreement will require that India accept liability in case of a nuclear accident, a tragic undermining of the post-Bhopal Indian law that placed liability on the shoulders of the industry selling the equipment.