Workforce Development FAQs

How do I request more info on workforce training opportunities for my company?

If you are an employer or Human Resources representative looking for training on behalf of your company, please contact 978-630-9575 to speak with a Workforce Training Representative about your particular interests in training.

Where is training offered?

Workforce training can be held at one of our conveniently located campuses or on-site at your company location. We may also offer a hybrid of delivery methods including online training.

What are the advantages of contract training?

  • Customized: We assess and identify your specific needs and develop programs to meet them. We can even design a program around your long-range business plan.
  • Flexible: Training can be offered on-site at your business or on one of our convenient campuses. We can work with new employees, current employees or returning employees. Also, we can change with your business to continue to meet your needs.
  • Cost-effective: You won’t find better quality or a better deal. Many industries have found our program a great alternative to expensive in-house training programs.
  • Small business friend: Our contract training programs aren’t just for major industries. We are here to meet the needs of small and mid-sized companies.