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Start Near…Go Far!

Why study abroad?

  • Increase your understanding of other cultures.
  • Connect to new people and a new environment.
  • Earn transfer credit!
  • Gain independence, self confidence, and self-reliance!
  • Make your resume unique!
  • Sharpen interpersonal skills.
  • Learn more about yourself.
  • Learn a new language (many English-only programs are available).
  • Make lifelong friends!

Choose from:

  • Full academic year
  • Full semester
  • Short term travel-study
  • There is a program for every student!

MWCC enjoys a long-standing partnership with the College Consortium for International Education (CCIS) and the Massachusetts Council for International Education (MaCIE). CCIS coordinates more than 80 study abroad programs in 31 countries around the world. MaCIE assists in locating short-term and summer travel-study opportunities.

Depending on location, choose from dormitory, apartment, and/or home stays. CCIS offers orientation, individual support, and academic counseling in host countries. A wide variety of courses are offered increasing transferability and meeting personal interests. Most programs include field trips and recreational access.

Am I eligible?

Most host institutions require sophomore status and a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average, although some programs have more specific criteria. A passport is necessary and a student visa is required by some countries. The program is open to day, evening, and online students, both part time and full time.

How much does it cost?

Financial aid applies to approved programs. Students apply for financial aid through MWCC. Numerous scholarships, grants, and loans also supplement the student’s own contribution.

Costs include tuition, fees, and books as well as living expenses, social activities, and excursions that are part of the planned program in which the student may want to participate. Airfare, ground transportation, departure taxes, and personal spending are also included in calculating the financial aid package.

Where do I begin?

Students should apply early. Planning should begin one full semester ahead.


Academic Affairs Office
Gardner Campus, Room 118D


Only authorized CCIS study abroad programs will be approved for the Mount Wachusett Community College International Education program. Students who enroll in study abroad programs without the express authorization of the Coordinator of International Education do so at their own risk. MWCC will not ensure the transfer of credits, the use of institutional financial aid, or other aspects of the program without prior authorization by the College.