Environmental Crew
This team hosted an All-City Clean-up Day on April 21st in Gardner.  The team organized over 100 volunteers, both young and old, to help with the clean-up efforts.  The event was also registered as a National & Global Youth Service Day, among thousands of youth-led events across the country and the globe.   The team plans to hold additional environmental awareness activities throughout the year.

Senior Citizen’s Senior Prom, Gardner High School
In an effort to strengthen the bond between the older and younger generations in Gardner, this Venture Team has planned a “Senior Citizen’s Senior Prom”.  The Senior Citizen’s Senior Prom is a “prom” for the senior citizens of our community, held the evening of May 10th at Gardner High School.  A time for nostalgia, the event gives them the chance to bond with a number of students at the high school and with other fellow senior citizens, and dance to the music they remember.


Gardner Community Garden
Tired of eating the less-than-healthy food offered to students at their school and around the community, this team of Venturers decided it was time to bring in a new source of healthy alternatives. To do this, the team has reached out to local businesses and nonprofits to help work together to build a new community garden right at Gardner High School. The students hope to use the grown vegetables and fruits to not only feed the students during the day but to also allow low-income students to take home these foods to ensure they have something to eat.