MWCC Strategic Plan

MWCC Embracing Transformation

MWCC’s strategic plan, FY 2015 through FY 2017, sets a clear course of action to address new challenges, enable change, and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the years ahead. Our plan is shaped by six key outcomes of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Vision Project: College Participation; College Completion; Student Learning; Workforce Alignment; Preparing Citizens; and Closing Achievement Gaps. Embracing Transformation is further informed by the college’s recent NEASC self-study process as well as emergent trends and data analyses that shall have impact on the college at local, state, regional, and national levels during the years ahead.

Our plan contains four strategic goals to address outcomes of the Vision Project. Each goal has strategic directions that have been designed to produce measurable results across the institution. Embracing Transformation resounds with a passionate commitment to maintaining high quality, and relevant and responsive programs and services, while optimizing our effectiveness and generating lasting impact on the students and communities we serve.

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