Get Your Student Photo ID

  1. Ensure that you are registered for credit bearing classes for the upcoming fall or spring semester.
  2. Submit an electronic photo of yourself to be used on your Photo ID (see detailed instructions below).
  3. Pay the $10 fee (see instructions below).
  4. Attend a scheduled ID verification Zoom session (see schedule and instructions below).
  5. Receive your Student Photo ID in the mail at the address registered with the college.

Only students registered for credit bearing courses are eligible to receive a Student Photo ID. Be sure that you are registered for the upcoming or current fall or spring semester.

Student Photo IDs are not issued during:

  • The last 5 weeks of the current semester
  • Summer semester
  • Winter intersession
  • Maymester

Students seeking an ID during these times must wait until the next fall or spring semester to receive a Student Photo ID

Students beginning classes during Cycle 2 must wait until classes begin to get a Student Photo ID.

Student Photo ID Picture Submission Requirements:

  • Picture MUST be in color, and be a good likeness of you, taken within the last six months.
  • You must be the only person in the picture.
  • Photos must be headshots that measure at least one inch in length. They can be larger.

Photos must be a clear, front view, full face shot, taken in normal street attire without a hat or dark glasses or any other obstruction of the face, including the head resting on hands.

  • Photos should be taken against a plain light background (any light-colored wall will do).
  • No Instagram filters, weird angles, or chopping off parts of your head or face. This is for your ID, not Snapchat.
  • Pictures must be an attachment in jpeg/jpg format. Please, do not put your picture in the body of the email. Please DO NOT send through Google Drive or OneDrive. It will be rejected.
  • Submit your picture to Please use the below format in your email (Note: Nursing students please specify what IDs you need; Student ID, Clinical IDs, or both):

Subject: Student ID Picture

Text: Your Name, Your Student ID Number

          John Doe, 00123456

Sample ID:

***A good rule of thumb is to think of this photo as a passport photo***

Student Photo IDs cost $10. This fee is for both new and replacement IDs and must be paid prior to receiving your printed ID card. Please click here to be taken to the secure payment area; you will need a credit or debit card to make the purchase.

NOTE: If you are in need of clinical IDs for nursing or some other program the cost is $4 for two IDs, please click here.

Before an MWCC Student Photo ID can be issued we must verify your identity. In order to do this you will need to attend one of the scheduled ID Verification Sessions via Zoom. Please refer to the schedule below for details:

Monday, 8/17/20, 10am-12pm, Zoom Link

Tuesday, 8/18/20, 1pm-3pm, Zoom Link

Wednesday, 8/19/20, 11am-1pm, Zoom Link

Monday, 8/31/20, 1pm-3pm, Zoom Link

Wednesday, 9/2/20, 10am-12pm, Zoom Link

Please attend one of the above sessions and have your current state issued ID ready to be shown. When you join you will remain in the "waiting room" until it is your turn and you are allowed in. Please be patient as this may be a long process depending upon how many people are in line ahead of you.

One of the following items is required to obtain an MWCC Student Photo ID:

  • a state motor vehicle license (or learner’s permit)
  • a passport
  • a military ID
  • a state issued identification card (available at RMV)

Note: If you do not have any of the above state issued IDs, please plan to bring two of the following:

  • High School Photo ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card

Once all of the steps have been completed your printed MWCC Student Photo ID Card will be mailed to you. It will be mailed to the address that is registered with the college, so please confirm that this is correct before starting the process. This may be done by logging into iConnect and clicking on the Webconnect icon and then on the Personal Information tab.