Get Your Student Photo ID

Student ID

Student Photo IDs are processed remotely, simply follow the instructions below to request your photo ID or request it on the iConnect MWCC app.


You MUST be registered for credit bearing classes in order to receive a Student ID.

  • Student IDs are only processed remotely and are done in the order that they are received, no exceptions. 
  • IDs are not processed during the last 5-weeks of any semester, requests received during that time will be processed and ready for the beginning of the next semester for which you are registered.
  • IDs may be picked up at either the Gardner or Leominster campuses, if you do not attend class at either of those campuses you may request to have it mailed to you. Please note that IDs are processed on the Gardner campus and it may take up to a week for completed IDs to arrive on the Leominster campus.
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  • Only students registered for credit bearing courses are eligible to receive a Student Photo ID. Be sure that you are registered for the upcoming or current semester.

    Student Photo IDs are not issued during the last 5 weeks of the current semester. Students seeking an ID during this time must wait until the next  full semester to receive a Student Photo ID

    Students beginning classes during Cycle 2 must wait until classes begin to get a Student Photo ID.

    Please read these photo submission instructions carefully and then click on the link below to complete the online form.

    Student Photo ID Picture Submission Requirements:

    • Picture MUST be in color, and be a good likeness of you, taken within the last six months.
    • You must be the only person in the picture.
    • Photos must be headshots that measure at least one inch in length. They can be larger.

    Photos must be a clear, front view, full face shot, taken in normal street attire without a hat or dark glasses or any other obstruction of the face, including the head resting on hands. No part of your head may be cut off, please allow for space all around your picture.

    • Photos should be taken against a plain background if possible. Please ensure that there is a contrast between the background and your picture (if you have light colored hair use a darker background).
    • No Instagram filters, weird angles, or chopping off parts of your head or face.
    • Do not tilt or turn your head, this picture should look just like a driver's license photo.
    • Pictures must be an attachment in jpeg/jpg format.
    • Do not scan a photo to submit, simply take a photo with your cell phone.

    Sample ID:

    ***A good rule of thumb is to think of this photo as a passport photo***

    Click here to be redirected to InvolveMOUNT to complete the form. NOTE: If you have not previously registered for InvolveMOUNT you will need to register first (this only takes a few minutes) and then you will be taken to the form.

    If you have difficulty uploading your photo try using a different browser. If you are still experiencing issues uploading a file please go to the Engage Help Desk to report the issue. This will be the quickest way to solve your problem and get your form submitted in a timely manner.

    One of the following items is required to obtain an MWCC Student Photo ID:

    • a state motor vehicle license (or learner’s permit)
    • a passport
    • a military ID
    • a state issued identification card (available at RMV)

    Note: If you do not have any of the above state issued IDs, please plan to submit or show two of the following:

    • High School Photo ID
    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card

    Once all of the steps have been completed your MWCC Student Photo ID will be printed and either mailed to you at the address you provided on the form or made available for pick up in Student Services, Room H128 on the Gardner Campus.

    Students that will be on the Gardner campus may get a current semester validation sticker in the college library during their normal operating hours.

  • If you have any questions please email