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Welcome to the Mount Wachusett Community College Police and Public Safety Department website. The MWCC Campus Police and Public Safety Department consists of nine very dedicated, professional law enforcement officers who are committed to providing a safe educational environment for students, staff, faculty and visitors. The Campus Police and Public Safety Department is dedicated to the Community Policing Philosophy; providing pro-active service through inter-departmental and inter-agency collaboration to meet the ever-changing needs of the college community. We welcome input from the college community regarding security issues, needs, and concerns and pledge to work as partners with the college community to provide quality service.

MWCC Police Officers and Security Officers are available for security escorts and for legal and personal advice, within the scope of their expertise. We work closely with the MWCC counselors and student services to ensure that the legal, physical, and emotional needs of the community are met.

– Chief Melissa Croteau (978-630-9211) or

Forms and Reports

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Mount Wachusett Community College Campus Police and Public Safety Department is to maintain order, protect life and property, and to preserve peace within the scope of the United States Constitution. Our pledge is to respond to the changing needs of the MWCC community in a professional, effective, and timely manner through resource collaboration in order to promote and enhance the quality of life within our college community.

Values Central to Our Mission

  • Strive to improve the quality of Service
  • Encourage Training and Professional Development
  • Maintain high integrity and professionalism
  • Foster a team environment through employee involvement and input
  • Provide stability, continuity, and consistency in Department Operations
  • Provide a pro-active approach to Crime Prevention
  • Provide a fair, courteous, and caring response to diverse issues through teamwork and inter-agency collaboration
  • Maintain an enthusiastic attitude toward the needs of the community
  • Provide a trustworthy, honest, and ethical approach to our services

Vision Statement

The Campus Police and Public Safety Department will provide leadership to the College by maintaining a pro-active approach to crime prevention and problem-solving through professional, effective and fair practice and by providing guidance through education to meet the changing security needs of the college community.


  • Improve training and education of the officers to meet the changing needs of law enforcement
  • Create and update policies and procedures to improve department response to the community needs
  • Improve the physical and environmental security on all campuses and to increase student and staff confidence in the safety of the MWCC properties
  • Improve the physical and professional working environment for the Campus Police and Public Safety Department
  • Improve the use of both fiscal and human resources within the Department
  • Improve evidence and property storage and tracking of departmental resources
  • Foster individual confidence, strength, and character in the community through community training opportunities
  • Improve the Department’s ability to provide proper documentation of property and events


Currently, the MWCC police staff includes a Chief of Police and Public Safety, a Lieutenant, 4 full-time armed police officers, 2 unarmed institutional security officers, and one part-time security officer. They are assigned to various shifts on the Gardner and Leominster campuses. Officers patrol the Gardner campus by foot and cruiser 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Officer’s response to emergency and non-emergency calls. For more information on the Gardner and Leominster Campus coverage see the Parking and Safety Information Brochure.

The director of safety and security and campus police officers are sworn Special State Police Officers in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 22C, Section 63 of the Massachusetts General Laws and have full law enforcement authority, including powers of arrest in and upon all property owned or leased by the college. The campus police possess full police powers and are charged with the responsibility of enforcing all college rules and regulations as well as the local, state and federal laws, statutes, and ordinances. The department maintains a close relationship with local and state police agencies.

MWCC Campus Police & Public Safety Department Training

The MWCC Police Department is committed to providing services and enforcing laws in a professional, non-discriminatory, fair and equitable manner. Our objective is to provide equitable police services based on the needs of the people we encounter. We recognize that we cannot do this alone and the best way to accomplish this is through a collaborative effort within our college community. With your help in promptly reporting suspicious activity, criminal activity, and safety concerns, while familiarizing yourself with on-campus emergency response procedures, together we can continue to maintain a safe and secure environment.

The MWCC Police Department and Public Safety Department believe in fair and impartial policing in the service of all community members. Our department works diligently to build and strengthen positive relationships with the diverse community we serve here at MWCC.

Below you will see previous annual police training that our officers conducted as well as complaint reports. We aim to build trust with the community and increase the accountability and legitimacy of policing.

MWCC Officer Training 2021

MWCC Officer Training 2022

MWCC Officer Training 2023