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We offer over 70 associate degrees and certificate programs, as well as a variety of focused training options for career advancement. Browse our offerings below!

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Associate Degree Program
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Associate Degree Programs
Certificate Programs (Credit)
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Associate Degree Programs
  • Interdisciplinary Studies The Interdisciplinary studies degree is designed to help students explore many different fields and take classes that interest them, designing their own program. Take control of your education and your future with an interdisciplinary degree.

Associate Degree Programs


What is the difference between an Associate Degree and a Certificate Program?

An associate degree is structured in such a way that students can use credits to continue their education, pursuing a bachelor’s degree at an accredited four-year school. An associate degree is structured as a two-year program, however, students may take longer if they wish.

A certificate program can be completed in as few as two semesters or at any pace comfortable for the student. The certificate programs are designed for students to wish to upgrade and add to their current skill set, improve job prospects, or simply test to determine if the subject is one they would like to pursue an associate degree in.