Get Paid for Skills You Already Have with Credit for Prior Learning

Have you been thinking about going back to school? Are you worried about starting your college education from scratch?

Good news! You might not have to! Here at Mount Wachusett Community College, we understand that learning takes place everywhere, not just in a classroom setting. That’s why MWCC recognizes Credit for Prior Learning (CPL).

What is Credit for Prior Learning?

CPL can save you time and money toward earning your degree or certificate by allowing you to receive credit for skills that you may already have. The most recognized Credit for Prior Learning experiences are work experience training, on-the-job training, military service training, independent study, professional certification, national exams, vocational-technical training, and subject matter knowledge.

How do you get started claiming your credit?

First, create a profile using and complete the CPL wizard steps. This is where you’ll select MWCC and enter your previous experience. Once you’ve entered your information, you’ll meet with one of MWCC’s Prior Learning Specialists to discuss your background and receive guidance to get academic credit for your unique experience and career goals. Once our CPL Specialist confirms your credit, they will tell you how to proceed and guide you through our processes. You may need to submit licensures or transcripts, or even create an online portfolio. After submitting your documentation, you’ll find out what your prior experience accumulates to in terms of college credits.

Learn more about Credit for Prior Learning today!

If you are interested in seeking college credit for skills you already have, visit to get started.