Advising, Career & Transfer

Welcome to the Office of Advising, Career & Transfer

The Office of Advising, Career & Transfer is committed to preparing our students to succeed academically and professionally. Our team members support students through:

Academic Advising: Guide students through degree and certificate programs.

Career Services: Assist students in career exploration and goals.

Transfer Counseling: Work with students to explore educational paths beyond MWCC.

Our Mission: We engage and prepare Mount Wachusett Community College students for academic excellence and professional success. Our accessible and diverse services allow us to foster the holistic development of our advisees. Through collaborative teaching and learning, we motivate our students to challenge themselves to build lifelong skills: critical thinking, self-advocacy, self-reliance, integrity, professionalism and personal responsibility.

Our Philosophy: Academic advising is the process in which you work with an Advisor to set goals for your academic life. It is a collaborative process. Ultimately, you – the student – are responsible for your educational experience. The ACT Advisors will not “prescribe” answers or solutions for you but will guide and encourage you to find your own way and seek out academic areas in which you will enjoy and flourish. You are in charge of reaching those goals, and we will challenge you to excel. We are here to assist and guide you!

Our Goals: 

  • Instill the life skills of: critical thinking, self-advocacy, self-reliance, integrity, professionalism and personal responsibility.
  • Clarify educational, professional, and life goals and learn decision-making skills.
  • Assist students with academic program planning, course selection, and registration.
  • Review and monitor student academic progress.
  • Help students to understand academic policies, procedures, and requirements.
  • Inform students of campus resources, support services, and educational opportunities.
  • Understand, respect, and respond to individual student advising needs. help students understand the College’s educational mission

Our Commitment:

  • Help you clarify your educational, career and (if applicable) transfer goals.
  • Create a schedule of courses each semester that align with your educational & career goals.
  • Cultivate essential life skills needed to be successful in critical thinking, self-advocacy, self-reliance, honesty, integrity, professionalism & personal responsibility.
  • Assist students with the assessment of strengths and weaknesses, and help students explore the ramifications of decisions for future occupational goals.
  • Help students to learn policies & regulations which may influence your academic program.
  • Support students in making decisions at different stages of their academic careers.
  • Provide guidance so that students understand the decisions made now may limit possible alternatives later in your academic studies or career.