Study Abroad

What is Study Abroad?

Study abroad is the term given to a program that allows a student to attend classes, intern, or participate in service to the community while living in a foreign country, or participating in a virtual platform. Our programs maintain the ethic of “open access to education” that is at the center of everything we do at MWCC.  Every study abroad program at MWCC is open to all members of the community in good academic and disciplinary standing and at least 18 years of age.

Students who study abroad have the opportunity to experience a new culture, enhance their language skills, and gain a broader understanding of our world, all while satisfying requirements for graduation, in any major. Study abroad is an excellent chance to expand career opportunities and grow a professional network.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Iceland Glacier 2023
Iceland Glacier 2023
Lava Tube Iceland 2023
Lava Tube Iceland 2023


  • Where? Study Abroad in Iceland
  • When? May 2024
  • What? Volcanoes, Glaciers, Geothermal Hot Springs, Sagas, Folktales, Myths, Thor, Loki, and Odin – All in ONE class!
  • The Course: HUM 283 Beyond Vikings and Volcanoes: Iceland and the Challenge of Co-existence
  • Credit: Three-credit Class Offered Fall 2023
  • Travel: One-week Travel Opportunity
  • How? Scholarships Available!
    • Pay yourself, using any financial aid you may have, or apply for a FULL-PAID scholarship by clicking the link below. There, you will be prompted to answer some quick questions and submit a short essay that asks the following: Write a 250 – 500 word essay explaining why you want to participate in this travel opportunity and what you hope to gain from it.
  • To qualify for a scholarship, MWCC students must meet the following criteria:
    • Have completed 12 college credits or more by the time of the trip.
    • For continuing students, have a 3.0 GPA when applying for the scholarship.
    • Earn a B or better in the course HUM 283.
    • Be in good standing with the college.
  • More Information?

More MWCC Study Abroad Opportunities


  • Ever wanted to live in London? Or travel there? What about going to college there? Now you can. Start at MWCC. Finish at The London Met through our transfer agreement.
    • Professional Writing Majors
    • Business Majors

Why Study Abroad as an MWCC Student?

Study abroad at Mount Wachusett Community College affords our students many opportunities to satisfy requirements for graduation and develop skills needed to be successful in the modern workforce. Students can participate in short or long term programs, and in many cases use financial aid.

Did you know less than 10% of American college students study abroad? Study abroad can help you:

  • Satisfy requirements for graduation
  • Fulfill career development objectives when you improve your intercultural competence skills
  • Advance your network on a global scale as you make contacts in another country
  • Gain independence, self-confidence, and self-reliance
  • Develop and refine your brand with an international component
  • Increase your sensitivity to cultural differences
  • Explore a new language
  • Make lifelong friends

Want to Learn More About Study Abroad?

We would like to thank the MWCC students who narrated these videos for their time and efforts to provide the MWCC community with these digital solutions. You will want to begin with the “Introduction to Study Abroad”  video which will answer many of your questions related to who, what, why, and where. Then you can watch the “Study Abroad Process” video, followed by “Costs and Funding your Study Abroad Program.” At any time you can watch the video on “Study Abroad Scholarships,” but keep in mind there are many scholarships available that we haven’t mentioned. At any time, you are welcome to contact us and we can answer your questions in person. We hope you enjoy the videos and look forward to assisting you further.

Is It Safe to Study Abroad?

Study abroad at MWCC provides the community with the opportunity to practice the shared value of responsible risk-taking. That means we develop our programs with the health & safety of the community in mind. We are constantly evaluating our processes and procedures to provide a strong foundation for student success, whether it is on our local campus or in a foreign country, utilizing industry best management practices.

To mitigate the risk inherent with international travel, what does MWCC do? We choose to offer programs in countries that are deemed “safe” for travel by the US Department of State. We collaborate with international education organizations that are leaders in the field, offering professional services and a customer service ethic. We ensure that all participants have adequate insurance while participating in any study abroad program. Lastly, we communicate clearly and transparently with our students so they have the information necessary to make informed decisions about the academic, professional and personal choices they make when they participate in a study abroad program.

Is Study Abroad Available with COVID-19 Still an Issue?

Yes! We are excited to be able to offer many virtual global engagement opportunities to the community in order to continue to build critical professional development skills. This includes internships and service-learning, so let us know how we can continue to connect you to the world.


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