Student Records

WebConnect Access Issues

You are encouraged to use WebConnect to register for courses, drop courses, view grades, request transcripts, and access financial aid and billing information online. Please contact the MWCC Records Office if you have questions about WebConnect user IDs or passwords.  Instructions for using WebConnect can be found here (PDF).

Grade Processing

Grades are processed three business days after the last day of the semester/cycle. Please make sure your grades are posted in iConnect prior to ordering transcripts. If you are graduating and need proof of completion of your program on your transcript, go to WebConnect and look to make sure your degree is appearing on your unofficial transcript prior to ordering your transcript.

Students who receive an “I” (incomplete) grade must complete the course within 30 days or the grade is automatically changed to an “F.” Course with incomplete grades do not meet prerequisites for subsequent courses. Students are ineligible to take subsequent courses until a passing grade is recorded.

Student Transcripts

Instructions to request a transcript can be found here.

Replacement Diplomas

Replacement diplomas may be ordered by visiting the Parchment website. Please follow the prompts to place your order, including delivery options and fees. The cost of a replacement diploma is $25.

For questions on replacement diplomas, please call the MWCC Records Office at 978-630-9106.

Assigning Advisors

Advising assignments are made by MWCC Advising.

Class Schedules and Registration

The MWCC Records Office works with the Academic Division Deans to develop the course schedule for each semester. Registration for the summer and fall terms begins in April; and registration for the spring terms begins in November.

Degree Audit Review and Graduation Processing

To complete a degree audit and prepare your record for graduation, the MWCC Records Office must receive a completed Petition to Graduate.  The priority filing date (for petitions to graduate) for students who seek to graduate in May or in August is March 1st.  The priority filing date for students who seek to graduate in December is October 1. Once a petition is received, the MWCC Records Office will notify the student of any unmet degree requirements.

Change of Major Processing

If you seek to change your major — or select a second major — please contact MWCC Advising to discuss your plans and complete a Change of Major form. In most cases, the change of major will take effect the immediate next term.

Student Information Updates

Students may complete an electronic form to update their name, address, gender, phone number, and personal email.  If you are a current student, please click here. If you are an alumni or former student, please click here.

Preferred First Name

The college recognizes that some students may prefer to use first names other than their legal names to identify themselves. As long as the use of a preferred first name is not for an improper purpose, the college acknowledges that a preferred first name can and should be used where possible in the course of college business and education. Effective September 1, 2017, students may use a preferred first name wherever a legal name is not required on internal documents, communications, systems, and web portals. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • student identification cards
  • email and calendar entries
  • class rosters and advisor lists
  • learning management systems

Declaring a preferred first name does not change a student’s legal name. A student’s legal name shall be used on all college documents, systems and communications external to the college and/or where a legal name is required.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • financial aid records
  • student accounts records
  • student personally identifiable information
  • student directory information*, including publication of academic honors
  • payroll records
  • health records
  • official transcripts
  • federal immigration documents
  • interactions with government agencies

*Please see the college policy regarding directory information 

To change your legal name on all college records, a court order or other acceptable legal documentation is required.

The college reserves the right to modify, change, alter or rescind at any time and at its discretion its Changing Biographical Data policy.

If the use of a preferred first name is for an improper purpose, including but not limited to misrepresentation or attempting to avoid a legal obligation, a student may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.

The process to establish a Preferred First Name

  • Complete the Preferred First Name Form by clicking here.
  • Effective September 1, 2017, when a preferred first name has been requested, that name will be used by the college as detailed above until the student withdraws his/her request for the use of a preferred first name. Upon receipt of this request, an email will be sent to your MWCC email account and the college will input the preferred first name in seven business days, unless the student withdraws the request via the MWCC-assigned student email account.
  • Applicants may provide a preferred first name on the admissions application.  Should an applicant complete this form to request a preferred name prior to registering for classes, the request will be denied until the student has activated the MWCC email account.

FERPA Enforcement

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that governs the release and access to all student records. No one, including parents or spouses, has the right to view or enter data that would affect a student record. Only “Directory Information” may be released without authorization from the student.  “Directory Information” and other aspects of FERPA are discussed in our FERPA Brochure (PDF).

The parent or guardian of a dependent student has permission to review the student’s record if a completed Parent Information Request Form (PDF) and the documentation of the student’s dependent status as specified on this form are submitted to the MWCC Records Office.

Students seeking to give a third party (such as a parent or spouse) access to student record information beyond “Directory Information” are asked to print the Student Record Information Waiver (“FERPA Release”) (PDF) and return the completed form to the MWCC Records Office.

Maintaining Record Confidentiality

Unless specifically requested otherwise by the student, MWCC may release to requesting third parties the student’s “Directory Information”, which includes the student’s name, billing address, major, enrollment status, degree status, honors received, and college email address.

Each student has the option to keep his or her student record data confidential, including “Directory Information”.  To request that your record be marked confidential (or to cancel such a designation), please print the Confidentiality Request/Change Form (PDF) and return the completed form to the MWCC Records Office.

Enrollment Verification

Students requiring enrollment verification for insurance purposes or other purposes are welcome to contact or visit the MWCC Records Office.

DUA Training Opportunity Program Processing

Students who are applying to receive an extension of unemployment benefits under the Training Opportunity Program (TOP) should obtain an application by calling the TOP Unit at 617-626-5521. This program was formerly known as Section 30. To begin the Training Opportunity Program enrollment process at MWCC, please call to make an appointment with advisor Michelle Contey. Appointments with Ms. Contey are available at both the MWCC Gardner Campus and MWCC Leominster Campus. For an appointment at the Gardner campus, call 978-630-9109.