Early Childhood Education Certificate

Early Childhood Education Certificate Program

The Early Childhood Certificate program prepares students for professional work with children from birth to age 5. This early childhood education certification program in Gardner, MA, is designed for those who are working in the field and want to continue their education as well as for those who are new.

How to Get ECE Certification in MA

The ECE Certificate program includes a practicum where you will get hands-on experience as well as other courses designed to develop competencies in the areas of child development, curriculum planning, health and safety, and working with children with special needs.

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What Jobs Are Available to Those With Early Education Certification in Massachusetts?

Many people with early education and care certification in MA pursue jobs as primary teachers. You can also look for work in related fields, taking positions such as:

  • Play therapist or health play mentor.
  • Special education needs coordinator.
  • Family support worker.

If you’re not sure what career field you would like to pursue with your early childhood education certification in Massachusetts, our career services department can help you identify and narrow down your choices.

Why Pursue Your Early Education Degree at a Community College?

Community colleges provide outstanding academics and exceptional value to students who desire more flexibility and support than most four-year colleges can offer. When you choose EEC certification courses, you commit to doing things a better way. Community colleges are the best option for those who want to change careers at mid-life or get a head start on their degree during high school.

MWCC has the flexibility to offer courses on a schedule that fits our busy students. You can take elementary education online classes or early childhood education summer courses that allow you to study on your own time. Each student at our school is different, and they need different options so they can continue their education even under challenging circumstances.

You enjoy many benefits when you attend a community college. Perhaps the biggest is that you save money on your education. You pay much less for an early childhood education degree at our Gardner, MA, community college than you would for a degree from a four-year university. You also emerge from your schooling without a heavy debt load, while four-year college students will be paying their debts off for years to come.

Being debt-free offers you flexibility when you get out of school too. You can accept an education position that you really want instead of taking a job to pay the bills. You may want to teach in a school district where salaries are lower and student need is higher. When you start your career with little to no debt, you can make this choice freely, and you can help a lot of children.

Get Your MassachusettsEarly Childhood Education Certification at MWCC

Other reasons to attend a community college include:

  • Small classes: MWCC has a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1, offering the opportunity for individualized instruction.
  • Manageable workloads: You only get assignments you can complete instead of being overloaded with busy work.
  • Transitional opportunities: Students may need a year or two to adjust after high school graduation, and the low-stress community college environment offers the perfect opportunity.

When you attend a community college for early childhood certification in MA, you get quality education at an affordable price. You’ll come out of school ready to contribute in a way that fits you instead of buried under bills. Plus, you receive an excellent education that sets you up to enter the workforce right away. Additionally, our many support programs make the transition to higher education easier.

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Direct work with and observation of children are an essential part of this certificate program.

The certificate is designed to qualify students to meet the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care requirements for teachers in group settings. Certification may be in an infant/toddler or preschool setting based on the completion of a practicum in that setting.

Reach out to get more information or to submit an online application to our elementary education certification program in Gardner, MA.