Human Services Technician

Human Services Technician Certificate Program

If you enjoy helping people, being involved in the community, and building strong relationships, a career in human services may be right for you. The human services field is highly rewarding. Positively impact society by helping families, children, elders, and communities solve their problems, receive help, and feel empowered.

With a Human Services Technician Certificate from MWCC, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to provide the best care, leadership, and engagement to those in need.

What Is Human Services?

Human services is a field that offers assistance to those who require assistance, whether it’s due to a chronic condition or a temporary situation. People who need services may face an external challenge, such as losing their job, or an internal one, such as suffering from depression that makes it difficult to work or care for themselves.

Human services can help people in the short and long term. You may provide the care someone needs to navigate a difficult situation, such as an injury that puts them out of work for a temporary spell. Alternatively, they may need a longer-term solution, such as finding housing after leaving a violent home.

Individuals who obtain human services certificates may want to work directly with the people who need their help. You can make a difference in many daily lives by providing services people need to stay engaged with the world and pull through a difficult time. Those with human services certificates also often choose a career where they can institute the systemic changes needed to care for the most vulnerable individuals in our society, such as children who have been abused.

Find a Job Fast in Human Services

Human Services Technicians are in high demand! The human services field is expected to grow by 16%* over the next ten years based on the growing elderly population and demand for other social services, so you can expect to find a job quickly. This certificate prepares you for immediate entry into many human services jobs. If you are already working in the field, it will enhance your skills.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Human Services Certificate?

Students who have obtained human services certification in Gardner, MA, qualify for a range of well-paying and well-respected jobs in the area. Just a few of the possibilities include becoming a:

  • Child welfare case worker
  • Health educator
  • Public policy administrator
  • Substance abuse counselor
  • Grief counselor
  • Correctional treatment specialist
  • Probation officer

Any field in which a professional must provide guidance or assistance may consider someone who has a human services technician certificate.

Use Your Credits towards a Degree

If you choose to further your education, you can apply your credits from this certificate towards the Associate Degree in Human Services. You will only need 12 more classes to get your degree!

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Learn to Care, Empower, and Engage Others

The skills you learn in the classroom will have a direct impact on your ability to help others. You will take classes in:

  • Counseling Methods
  • Psychology of Self
  • Human Services
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Cultural Awareness

Many Ways to Offer a Helping Hand

As a Human Services Technician, you will have many opportunities to work with people and help the community. Some of your future paths may be:

  • Child care for special needs children
  • Drug abuse rehabilitation services
  • Family support services
  • Juvenile justice
  • Elder care
  • Community outreach
  • Disability services
  • Child welfare services
  • Adoption services

Why Choose Mount Wachusett Community College for Human Services?

The human services program at Mount Wachusett Community College offers students a high-quality education at a much lower price than a traditional four-year college. So many students pile up debt as they get their degree. Mount Wachusett Community College’s classes are affordable, allowing you to study what you want and take the job that suits you after college instead of trying to find the one that will pay the most so that you can reduce your student debt load.

We also provide a range of services for students who attend MWCC. A few of our offerings include:

  • A food pantry for food-insecure students
  • A Career Services Center to assist students with finding a job after graduation
  • Veterans Services for those who served our country, guiding them throughout their time on campus

Apply Today to Get a Human Services Certificate

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*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics