Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Certificate Program

Preserve standards, protect and serve, and uphold the values and policies that defined today’s society with our certificate in law enforcement. This program has been developed in cooperation with the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, so you can be sure that you will receive the proper skills and training to prepare you to enter into the law enforcement field.

You can also apply credits from the Law Enforcement Certificate program towards an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice to further your education or potentially shorten your academy training.

Job Outlook for Law Enforcement Officials

Upon your completion of the program, you will find a wide range of entry-level career options to enter. The law enforcement career field is projected to grow 7%* over the next ten years, opening up thousands of jobs all over the country. Police and detectives, two of the many career options open to you, can earn an average of $62,000* annually.

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Pursue the Perks of a Law Enforcement Career:

  • Find a job quickly in a fast-growing job market
  • Earn potential salary increases as a law enforcement official with higher education
  • Satisfy demands for higher standards for law officials
  • Feel fulfilled knowing you are serving and protecting the public

Learn to Defend the Law of the Land

The Law Enforcement Certificate program gives you a solid understanding of the criminal justice field. You will take classes in:

  • Criminal Procedure
  • American Policing
  • Criminal Law
  • Introduction to Criminology

MWCC’s outstanding criminal justice faculty includes working practitioners and instructors with expertise in law enforcement, prosecutorial systems, and corrections.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics