Community College vs. Trade School 

Obtaining higher education after high school is becoming increasingly necessary for recent graduates. Employment projections for 2021 estimate that 37.8% of jobs will require a degree or certification of some kind. However, earning a bachelor’s degree at a university is not the perfect fit for everyone. Higher education is available in many forms, creating more opportunities […]

Meet Suzanne Saunders, Class of 1974!

Suzanne Saunders graduated in 1974 as a part of MWCC’s first Nursing class. At the time, she was returning to the classroom at age 37 after her children were all in school. Like many MWCC students, she juggled her coursework with raising her family. After graduation, she worked at Heywood Hospital and then in utilization review […]

Welcome Back! Meet Our New Full-Time Faculty

We are excited to welcome four new full-time faculty members to the Mount this fall in the Business, Natural Resources, Art and Nursing departments. After spending time as an adjunct faculty member, Emily Turner will be joining the Nursing Department full time, teaching Medical/Surgical Nursing Part 1 this fall. An alumna of MWCC, Turner has […]

Community College: How It Works

Other than the popular series about an unlikely group of misfits attending community college, community colleges don’t get much attention in popular culture, so many people aren’t sure how they work. Firstly, you may hear people call community colleges two-year colleges because they award two-year degrees, called associate degrees. Or, some may call them junior […]

How COVID Changed Me for the Better

Like all of you, I’ve learned many things over the past 15 months and those lessons have changed me forever in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Many people suffered greatly during this pandemic, most managed to survive, and a few flourished. Wherever you found yourself, I’m sure you too have changed, but […]