CNA to LPN Walkway

The MWCC Nursing program has a new option for students interested in entering the Practical Nursing program – the CNA to LPN Walkway.

Students whose goal is to earn their practical nursing certificate can enter the MWCC CNA to LPN Walkway program where they will complete their licensed practical nursing prerequisites while earning their certified nursing assistant certificate. When they complete the CNA program with the required grades they will be awarded an Allied Health Certificate which allows them guaranteed admission into the MWCC LPN program.

“This is an unheard of opportunity,” notes MWCC Dean of Nursing, Dr. Kimberly Shea. “Guaranteed admission into the LPN program and the ability to work as a CNA while earning their LPN will benefit our students, as well as our community partners in need of CNAs in their care facilities.”

CNA to LPN Walkway students take Intro to Psychology, Topics in Math or Elements of Math or higher, Nurse Assistant Theory, and Nurse Assistant Practicum during their Fall semester, and College Writing, Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology, Human Growth and Development, and Exploring Health Careers during their Spring semester.

When they are ready, the CNA to LPN Walkway students will take the TEAS Exam. Those earning the required scores will be able admitted into the practical nursing program without the wait!

Start your nursing career with the MWCC CNA to LPN Walkway for guaranteed admission to the MWCC Practical Nurse degree program. Learn more at a Selective Healthcare Programs Information Session, sign up today.

HEA 106 CNA Walkway