Debt Free Sumer Classes for Dual Enrollment / Early College Students

Thanks to funding from the MA Department of Higher Education through the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Partnership, MWCC is offering debt free courses this summer! Summer I – May 20 – June 28 Intro to Sociology (SOC103)* Explore the scientific study of society by addressing fundamental sociological concepts like culture, socialization, inequalities, institutions, deviance, and social […]

NEW Community Fridges for Our Students

Walking around Leominster or Gardner you may have noticed something new – refrigerators! We have added them to public areas in Leominster and Gardner and have added new refrigerators and freezers to both food pantries! Adding the new refrigerators and freezers to both our Leominster and Gardner food pantries helps to diversify and increase the […]

Announcing the MCSW Scholarship Program: Empowering Emerging Leaders!

Join us in spreading the word about an incredible opportunity for students! To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women (MCSW) is thrilled to introduce the MCSW scholarship program. This initiative aims to empower emerging leaders across the Commonwealth by supporting their educational journey towards leadership and economic empowerment. The […]

Community College Myths

Community college is a common path for people seeking higher education. Over 10.2 million enrolled in community colleges in the United States in the fall of 2021. Over 66% attend part-time and 34% are full-time students.Community colleges provide students with impressive educations and are a great resource for people in various situations. Students often associate community colleges with certain myths or rumors that deter people […]

Business Administration Degree FAQ

A business administration degree can prepare you for various careers and give you a leg up during the job search. In this guide, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this degree. We’ll help you understand the skills it teaches, the demand for business administration graduates and the earning potential for […]