Programs for Children and Teens

MWCC Kids Summer Academic Adventures Students

We are pleased to be back with the Lifelong Learning Summer Adventures for 2021! Registration opened April 5, 2021 at 10:00 AM. All attendees will be required to submit the Permission and Health Forms to – you can download them here:

Permission & Health Forms

Kids & Teens Summer Programs 2021 (Registration Opens April 5)



Here are some brief descriptions of the courses – check out the flyer for full descriptions!

Week 1 – June 28 to July 2

  • Get to Know You – Mini Classes

Week 2 – July 6 – 9

  • Let’s Get Growing – Gardening is a great way for kids to learn science concepts and have fun!
  • Hands In Clay and Drawing – Spend your day learning new drawing techniques and working on the potter’s wheel.
  • Mount Fitness: Fun in the Sun – This is one of our most popular programs! Hiking, swimming, and fun activities make this a summer highlight!

Week 3 – July 12 – 16

  • American Girl Doll – We’ll travel through history with dolls as we jump into the past and learn about many events that have changed our world.
  • Pinewood Derby MWCC Style – Learn about different building strategies while we relax and play.
  • Green Energy – An enlightening introduction to clean, green energy sources.
  • Teen Art School Print Making and Book Arts – A studio art program is designed for teens interested in visual arts or work to create a portfolio.
  • Spotlight on Musical Theater – The DRAMA is BACK! Music, dance, and much more will be explored!
  • Mount Fitness: Soccer – We welcome all skill levels with a “learn through play” philosophy.

Week 4 – July  19 – 23

  • BUGZ – if it crawls, flies, squirms or chirps we want it! Become a mini-entomologist!
  • Get Outdoors!  – Explore the great outdoors, learn knot tying, sun tracking, hiking water purification and other skills.
  • Mount Fitness: Cheering – Boys and Girls want to learn to cheer? Want to improve your skills? Join us for a fun week!
  • Mount Fitness: Fun in the Sun #2 – So popular, we’re offering two weeks of this program!

Week 5 – July 26 – 30

  • Chemistry ABC’s – We all know what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar, but did you know what other fun you can have with common ingredients? Slime, volcanoes, and giant bubbles!
  • Hands in Clay & Painting – Spend your day painting and working on the potter’s wheel centering clay or working with coils or slabs of clay to make vases, cups or bowls.
  • Forensic Science – Ever wanted to be an investigator? We’ll even have a live crime scene with fingerprinting and ballistics.
  • Mount Fitness: Martial Arts – Martial arts are an excellent way for young people to build strength and flexibility, gain focus and confidence, and build self-protection skills.
  • Yoga for Kids – Join us for summer fun learning about yoga and its many benefits.

Week 6 – August 2 – 6

  • Outer Space – Ever look up at the stars and wonder what is going on? Learn about the stars, planets, comets, and satellites!
  • Take Flight – Soar high above the ground with all things that fly. In this camp, we’ll learn about aviation and how things fly. We’ll create extreme paper airplanes that can fly up to 100 feet.