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39 Nursing Students Pinned During Year-End Ceremony

A group of people dressed in white and holding flowers poses for a picture.
Mount Wachusett Community College President James Vander Hooven stands at the center among the 39 members of the Mount Wachusett Community College Licensed Practical Nursing Program Class of 2018 and their instructors ahead of their pinning ceremony at the Fine Arts Theatre at MWCC on Monday.

On Monday night, 39 licensed practical nursing students from 25 communities were welcomed into the nursing profession during the traditional nurses pinning ceremony that marks the end of their schooling at Mount Wachusett Community College.

“The pinning ceremony is always my favorite,” MWCC President James Vander Hooven told a theater full of friends and family of the graduating class at the ceremony Monday night. “You get to see the emotion in their faces. You get to know what they’ve been through. And you get to know that moving into the future we are graduating students who are going to save lives.”

The graduation ceremony capped off a 41 week certificate program for the students who may go on to work as nurses in health care facilities including doctor’s offices, long-term care facilities and clinics.

“We’re here because we want to make a difference. We had that call light click on for us and we made a sacrifice of so much sweat and tears,” said LPN John Mazur during the ceremony. “We stuck with it and we pushed past our envelope… and no matter what the future holds for us and how far we travel, a part of us will always remain here at Mount Wachusett Community College.”

Dressed in traditional nurse uniforms, the students were welcomed into the profession by having the program’s nursing pin fastened to their lapels by a family member, friend, or an alumnus of the program, or a faculty member. The pin marks where the nurses completed their studies and distinguishes them from other healthcare professionals. The eight-star MWCC pin is imprinted with the words “Service to Humanity and the World.”

As part of the ceremony, the students also took a nursing pledge that dates back to Florence Nightingale, who distinguished herself during the Crimean War by coming to the aid of sick and wounded soldiers.

The practical nursing class of 2018 that was honored at the pinning was made up of:

Kathy Berg of Fitchburg

Sharon Boucher of Acton

Danyelle Bushee of Athol

Tinashe Chiza of Webster

Brianna Coburn of Lunenburg

Nathan Cornwell of Fitzwilliam, NH

Marcia Dasilva of Acton

Jenny Duong of Fitchburg

Sarah Entwistle of Fitchburg

Christabel Erhagbai of Fitchburg

Mariah Fogg of Jaffrey,NH

Eunide Guillet of Salem

Laureen Haynes of Richmond, NH

Jessica Jalbert of Westminster

Joyce Jenness of Townsend

Lydia Kusiwah of Worcester

Amy Larocque of Winchendon

Melanie Lincoln of Gardner

Erin MacKenzie of Harvard

Darsea Martin of Templeton

Keyla Mayorga of Fitchburg

John Mazur of Rutland

Shelby McFaul of Leominster

Angella Nanyanzi of Lowell

Catherine Njoroge of Worcester

Mary Njoroge of Lowell

Lauren Noronha of Marlborough

Justine Pottinger of Erving

Mackenzie Powers of Ashby

Anna Ribeiro of Leominster

Gladys Rie of Worcester

Bryan Rios of Fitchburg

Chamroeun Sok of Leominster

Donna Songer of Athol

Jennifer Swain of Leominster

Jessica Thomas of Fitchburg

James Tirrell of Fitzwilliam, NH

Kourtney Van Tassell of Ayer

Kara Wheaton of Barre