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Brewer Center Holds Annual Civic and Service-Learning Celebration

Service Learning Celebration 2024
left to right: Students Madison Mills, Michael Mosher, and Katlin Bosworth, retiring Brewer Center Administrative Assistant Sue Meagher, student Mina Girouard, and Brewer Center Director Shelley Nicholson.

The Brewer Center for Civic Learning and Community Engagement recognized 181 graduating students for their volunteerism in the 2023-2024 school year. Volunteers included 9 students who contributed over 200 hours each and 20 who donated over 100 hours. MWCC students gave over 80,000 hours of service to the community during the academic year.

MWCC President James Vander Hooven presented the President’s Service and Volunteerism Awards, which are given annually to students who provide 100 or more hours of volunteer service.

“Giving back and being part of our community is a huge part of our mission,” Vander Hooven said. “Nothing exemplifies that more than these students’ willingness to serve and be part of something greater than themselves. It is a great honor to come together to honor you all for your service.”

The Gardner School System was named Community Partner of the Year for their work with MWCC and the Early College Programs. “I want to thank Superintendent Mark Pelligrino and his team for being here,” Vander Hooven added. “I truly value the partnership we have with the Gardner Schools; our relationship is one that my colleagues across the Commonwealth who do not have the same working relationship with their K-12 schools admire.”

Additional awards were:

  • Club of the Year – The Student Government Association
  • Service-Learning Scholarships – Cameryn LeShane of Princeton, MA and Kyle Karaca of Fitchburg, MA.
  • Sharyn Rice Award for Community Leadership Award – Eliora Witkowski-Despres of Gardner, MA.

Students receiving the President’s Service and Volunteerism Award were:

Students who volunteered over 200 hours:

  • Marco Aguiar, Princeton, MA
  • Katlin Bosworth, Winchendon, MA
  • Arlo Caisse, Baldwinville, MA
  • Nicole Flerra, Winchendon, MA
  • Mina Girouard, Gardner, MA
  • Alyssa Hardy, Orange, MA
  • Chris Johnson, Leominster, MA
  • Justina Johnson, Gardner, MA
  • Aimee Merchant, Gardner, MA
  • Miranda Monahan, Hubbardston, MA
  • Michael Mosher, Templeton, MA
  • Melissa Ramos, Leominster, MA
  • Nicole Ramos, Fitchburg, MA
  • Hannah Shailer, Brookfield, MA
  • Stacey Sweeney, Royalston, MA
  • Chad Tata, Leominster, MA
  • Rita Zaker, Marshfield, MA

Students who volunteered over 100 hours:

  • Andirena Ansah, West Warwick, RI
  • Jill Evans, Leominster, MA
  • Ifunanya Ezechukwu, Shirley, MA
  • Justyce Gomez, Athol, MA
  • Joshua Greeley, Athol, MA
  • Christina Hills, Barre, MA
  • Felicia Houston, Athol, MA
  • Michael Lanosa, Fitchburg, MA
  • Marlene Lopez, Leominster, MA
  • Mia Losey, Leominster, MA
  • Donatila Norberto, Fitchburg, MA
  • Ashley Perez, Leominster, MA
  • Sarah Poirier, Leominster, MA
  • Tutsirai Puwai, Fitchburg, MA
  • Maritza Ruiz Hernandez, Fitchburg, MA
  • Sherri Salmond, Leominster, MA
  • Rose Sanchez Pratts, Fitchburg, MA
  • Jessica Sleeper, Gardner, MA
  • Natalie Solivan, Fitchburg, MA
  • Heidi Valliere, Garder, MA