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Mount Wachusett Community College Celebrates Graduates of Production Technician with Robotics Training

MWCC Production Technician Graduation 2022
Left to right: Jennifer Stephens (MWCC Instructor), Robin Qin, Johanna Anziani, Rosey Pauyo, Daniel Brizuela, Andrew Goldberg, David Diaz, John Pimentel, Jean Petitbois of MassHire, Mike Hurley (MWCC Instructor), Meghan Severance (MWCC Coordinator).

On May 12, 2022, Mount Wachusett Community College held its graduation ceremony for students who have completed the Production Technician with Robotics Training at the Devens campus.

The MWCC Workforce, Access, and Education Department, in partnership with the MassHire North Central Career Center, offers the seven-week Production Technician with Robotics Training to prepare students for high-demand careers in manufacturing.

“Thank you for choosing the Mount and congratulations to you all on the successful completion of this challenging program,” said MWCC President James Vander Hooven. “We look forward to helping you get to your next step and beyond. MWCC will always be here as a resource for you as you move forward in your new careers.”

“What we do at MassHire, partnering with the Mount for these manufacturing programs, is so critical to our economic region,” notes Kelly French, Deputy Director of the MassHire North Central Workforce Board. “We thank you for your enthusiasm, congratulate you, and wish you success in your new careers.”

In his address to his fellow students, John Pimentel thanked the instructors and staff of MWCC for making the course possible. Having been displaced by the pandemic closures from his food service management career, Pimentel found himself not only unemployed, but also a makeshift kindergarten teacher for his young son, who was learning remotely at home.

“Once my son returned to school full time, I felt that I was at a crossroads. I did not want to return to foodservice management, but I had not really found another career path, Pimentel told students. “An email from MassHire about this program got me to seek more information, and after meeting with MassHire, things were put into perspective for me about where I could go after this.

“I had previously begun an engineering and physics program at another community college but had been forced to stop because of medical issues. Of course, having a child I needed to provide for, I did not return to school, but started working. I was able to work my way up in the foodservice industry, however without a degree there was a limit.

“I had heard of the Mount before, my girlfriend graduated with a degree in natural resources and she strongly encouraged me to go. She is now pursuing for her bachelor’s degree in biology with a concentration in wildlife biology at Framingham State University.

“Experienced and knowledgeable instructors such as Mike Hurley, Jennifer Stephens and John Henshaw are a crucial part of our success. In addition, Meghan Severance’s support in job searches and revamping my resume’ was also incredibly helpful.

“I am leaving here today with strong, relevant skills. This is a stepping stone

to bigger and better things. I am inspired to continue my education, and I feel very confident in my future.”

The students who completed the Production Technician with Robotics are:

Johanna Anziani, Shirley

Daniel Brizuela, Worcester

David Diaz, Worcester

Andrew Goldberg, Peabody

Rosey Pauyo, Peabody

John Pimentel, Ashland

Robin Qin, Southborough