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Mount Wachusett Community College Statement on Affirmative Action Ruling

Today, the United States Supreme Court ruled that colleges and universities can no longer take race into consideration as a specific basis in admissions.

“We are deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse affirmative action in college admissions,” states MWCC President James Vander Hooven. “We remain committed to ensuring equal educational opportunities for all students and will continue to prioritize diversity and inclusion in our admissions process and work diligently to provide resources and support systems that foster success for all students.”

Mount Wachusett Community College’s mission is to transform lives by providing access to affordable, high-quality, innovative, civic-minded, and relevant education and training opportunities. MWCC is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion with a racial equity lens and values the dignity and worth of all individuals, and believes opportunity and access to education transform lives.