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MWCC Confers 450 Degrees and 229 Certificates to 620 Students at 59th Commencement Ceremony

2024 commencement processionalMount Wachusett Community College celebrated the academic achievements of its graduates during the college’s 59th Commencement on May 15, 2024. A total of 620 students graduated, with 441 associate degrees and 234 certificates being conferred.

MWCC President James Vander Hooven welcomed graduates and guests, “Welcome to this celebration of our students. You have all accomplished so much and overcome so much to be here! Hundreds of hours of class time and homework balanced with the daily challenges of life – parenting, caring for loved ones, dealing with personal illness and recovery, part-time or full-time work, and through it all you have persevered. And for that we applaud you.”

Also joining President Vander Hooven was Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll, who shared words of welcome with students: “Let me start by offering my sincerest and most heartfelt congratulations to Mt. Wachusett Community College Class of 2024!  It’s an honor to be here today to celebrate this milestone with all of you. Each of you have different dreams and different goals, you’ve all had different ways of getting here, but all of you have done the work and today, all of you get to say you’re one step closer to pursuing the dreams you’ve imagined for yourself. And let me be the next person to tell you – because I’m sure I’m not the first – we are so proud of you.”

The student speaker was Winchendon resident Katlin Bosworth, a mother of three and first-generation college student who received both a Human Services associate degree and a Liberal Arts and Sciences associate degree.

“MWCC will always be my safe place, the place where I am supported and encouraged, the place where I became an adult, the place that has helped me raise three children, the place that taught me success was within me, the place that supported me through the loss of my mother, the place that believed I was worth fighting addiction and the place that has given me acceptance and grace. The place that has picked me up time and time again through my own failures and struggles,” Bosworth told her fellow graduates. “Embrace your curiosity, curiosity fuels growth and new opportunities. Be resilient, challenges will come your way, but setbacks are stepping-stones to success and dream big, because nothing is impossible.”

The ceremony also included the presentation of a certificate of graduation from the CAPS Link Program to Abigail Billings. The CAPS Collaborative’s Transition Link program has offered the opportunity for young adults to gain vocational, daily living, and social skills in a community-based setting on the MWCC Campus.

“Abigail has been an amazing contributor in our MWCC community,” Vander Hooven stated. “In her time at MWCC, Abigail has not only found her voice, but has developed the skills to use it in support of her future endeavors.  She has built lasting relationships that will support her as she graduates and moves on to her next chapter.”

Click to  View Recording  or download the  Program (PDF). 

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Brewer Center Team Grads 2024The graduates of the Class of 2024, in order by hometown are:


Matthew Dennis Pierce, Moundville, AL


Ariana Louise Giardina, Grand Junction, CO


Fatimah Serafina Velez, Moosup, CT

Karina Mitchell, Willington, CT


Andrea Beaulac, Sorrento, FL


Jordan Anthony Silva, Meridian, ID


Najib Mouaydia, Arlington, MA

Nora Evelyn Brown, Ashburnham, MA

Jacob A. Chandler, Ashburnham, MA

Brian T. Claffey, Ashburnham, MA

Tia Leigh Cormier, Ashburnham, MA

Christopher Adam Gauthier, Ashburnham, MAMarshall Gail Steele

Jennifa Graves, Ashburnham, MA

Carissa Eleanor Lavallie, Ashburnham, MA

Stephanie Jane Logan, Ashburnham, MA

Alexandra M. Macklin, Ashburnham, MA

Sheena Marie Marandino, Ashburnham, MA

Tiffany Monroe, Ashburnham, MA

Timothy John Ovaska, Ashburnham, MA

Carly E. Sell, Ashburnham, MA

Elizabeth St Cyr, Ashburnham, MA

Lukas James Weissensee, Ashburnham, MA

Micah Wilson, Ashburnham, MA

Nicole J. Young, Ashburnham, MA

Jamie Marie Pearson, Ashby, MA

Karlee Elizabeth Rhodes, Ashby, MA

Skye Danielle Valentin, Ashby, MA

Julia Ann Benoit, Athol, MA

Cody Nathaniel Bridgwood, Athol, MA

Dorothy A. Bulman, Athol, MA

Avah Elizabeth Cantrell, Athol, MA

Melissa Suzanne Carlson, Athol, MA

Dalisha M. Castillo-Vargas, Athol, MA

Brianna Lillian Mary Cauley, Athol, MA

Alexia J. Clapper, Athol, MA

Benjamin Ford, Athol, MA

Justyce C. Gomez, Athol, MA

Joshua Greeley, Athol, MA

Jayden Alan Grummell, Athol, MA2024 commencement selfie left

Ashley Ann Hippler, Athol, MA

Kayla M. Horrigan, Athol, MA

Felicia Lynne Houston, Athol, MAJim Selfie Commencement 2024

Jessica Joan Jacques, Athol, MA

Marrissa Lanoue, Athol, MA

Nicole A. Lehtomaki, Athol, MA

Victoria Erin Mack, Athol, MA

Kristin E. Mauras-Montanez, Athol, MA

Zackariah S. Maxwell, Athol, MA

Hannah Morton, Athol, MA

Kayden Aliyah Mousseau, Athol, MA

Albert M. O’Lari, Athol, MA

Sara Pereira Oliveira, Athol, MA

Lindsey Caitlin Raymond, Athol, MA

Maren Sofia Riordon, Athol, MA

Ashley Maddison Rouleau, Athol, MA

Francesca S. Theriault, Athol, MA

Mikayla M. Thomas, Athol, MA

Evan Marcus Traffie, Athol, MA

Hyojung Kim Wetherell, Athol, MA

Haley Starr Wrigley, Athol, MA

Jared M. Cherico, Ayer, MA

Jen L. D’Intinosanto, Ayer, MA

Emily Elizabeth Gravelle, Ayer, MA

Samantha L. LeMay, Ayer, MA

Amber Mendes, Ayer, MA

Shane Joseph Muldoon, Ayer, MA

Meghan Frances Partridge, Ayer, MA

Samantha Lynne Staples, Ayer, MA

Sara Jean Surette, Ayer, MA

Conner Wilbur, Ayer, MA

Taylor Marie Bourgault, Baldwinville, MA

Faye Irene Dwyer, Baldwinville, MA

Jessica Hooper, Baldwinville, MA

Candace Anne Ogonowski, Baldwinville, MA

Alicia Anne Ricker, Baldwinville, MA

Zachary Stacy, Baldwinville, MA

Christina I. Vinson, Baldwinville, MA

Lillian Marie Whitcomb, Baldwinville, MA

Hailey Rose Brewer, Barre, MA

Taylor-Lee Violet Chick, Barre, MA

Brian Thomas Conaty, Barre, MA

Deniel E. Ewing, Barre, MA

Christina Jewel Hills, Barre, MA

Jennifer D. Hyland, Barre, MA

Izabella Jordan Montiverdi, Barre, MA

Rachael R. Strom, Barre, MA

Elizabeth Bailey Buyuk, Bolton, MA

Zachary Simon Fischer, Bolton, MA

Valeria Fernandez Negron, Boston, MA

Jessica Marie Flanders, Boylston, MA

Matthew T. Nachtrieb, Boylston, MA

Elizabeth G. Faford, Brookfield, MA

Jakob Alexander Lanne, Brookfield, MA

Hanna Marie Shailer, Brookfield, MA

Zaida Rose Block, Cambridge, MA

Andrea R. Joyce, Chelmsford, MA

Inutu Mutti Mwinga, Cherry Valley, MA

Sarah Elizabeth Kozlowski, Chicopee, MA

Stella Sonia Brouillet, Clinton, MA

Amanda Leigh Camacho, Clinton, MA

Michelle D. Chellis, Clinton, MA

Kathleen Samy Chyrack, Clinton, MA

Kevin Martin Collette, Clinton, MA

Amanda Rose De Groot, Clinton, MA

Amber Luci-Ann Foster, Clinton, MA

Maria Rebeca Jimenez, Clinton, MA

Jullie Almeida Lopes, Clinton, MA

Abigail V. McFarland, Clinton, MA

Xiomara Maria Mendez, Clinton, MA

Nicole Emily Nieves, Clinton, MA

Caroline Marie Norton, Clinton, MA

Kartia C. Obelin, Clinton, MA

Angela Lynn Richards, Clinton, MA

Sophia Elizabeth Tovar, Clinton, MA

Karissa Carmela Popieniuck, Douglas, MA

Phyllis Nyokabi Mbugua, Dracut, MA

Juliane Quinter Agutu, Dudley, MA

Charles Joseph Sargent, Dudley, MA

Jenna C. Cushion, Dunstable, MA

Patrick Michael Belliveau, Erving, MA

Shane Bonilla, Fall River, MA

Aracelis M. Cabrera, Fall River, MA

Marleny Altagracias Cabrera, Fall River, MA

Akosua Serwaa Adjei, Fitchburg, MA

Yacquelyn Alberto, Fitchburg, MA

Andrew Steven Almeida, Fitchburg, MA

Jessica Alexandra Alvis, Fitchburg, MA

Christina D. Amburgey, Fitchburg, MA

Queen Akua Dansoah Ampadu, Fitchburg, MA

Jelizabeth Justina Amparo, Fitchburg, MA

Oluwatosin Ashaju, Fitchburg, MA

Monique Marie Baldwin, Fitchburg, MA

Margaret E. Benoit, Fitchburg, MA

Stelina Bijou, Fitchburg, MA

Jennifer M. Bilodeau, Fitchburg, MA

Matrisha Alfredia Boddie, Fitchburg, MA

Paola Marie Bones-Silva, Fitchburg, MA

Brittney Danielle Boriboune, Fitchburg, MA

Jesse D. Bowen, Fitchburg, MA

Laura Jane Bragg, Fitchburg, MA

Emily Brassard-Otero, Fitchburg, MA

Elizabeth L. Campbell, Fitchburg, MA

Jordan D. Carter, Fitchburg, MA

Kayla Cintron, Fitchburg, MA

Norman Lavell Cole, Fitchburg, MA

Kathryn Ann Cormier, Fitchburg, MA

Fiona C. Fitzhugh, Fitchburg, MA

Lydia M. Fredette, Fitchburg, MA

Ava Renée Gagne, Fitchburg, MA

Jonathan R. Garcia, Fitchburg, MA

Julie M. Ghizzoni, Fitchburg, MA

Catherine S. Grant, Fitchburg, MA

Veronica Blythe Shalom Grubb, Fitchburg, MA

Baili Ann Harlow-Stevens, Fitchburg, MA

Jennifer Margaret Hemenway, Fitchburg, MA

Matthew Herget, Fitchburg, MA

Fatima Gabriela Hernandez-Vasquez, Fitchburg, MA

Kristin B. Hilt, Fitchburg, MA

Gabriela Jackson, Fitchburg, MA

Victoria Erica Alex Jean, Fitchburg, MA

Sasha T. Johnson, Fitchburg, MA

Morgan P. Jollimore, Fitchburg, MA

Natalie Karaca, Fitchburg, MA

Colby S. Kazanjian, Fitchburg, MA

Michael Anthony Lanosa, Fitchburg, MA

Alexis Caroline Lashua, Fitchburg, MA

Emeli Mari Luna, Fitchburg, MA

Sara G. Madrid, Fitchburg, MA

Keishla M. Malave, Fitchburg, MA

Anthony M. Marcil, Fitchburg, MA

Eliezer R. Mayas-Ortiz, Fitchburg, MA

Nina Marie McInnis-Ramos, Fitchburg, MA

Breanna L. Medina, Fitchburg, MA

Amy M. Miln, Fitchburg, MA

Melissa Ann Moulton, Fitchburg, MA

Phiona Hall Nangendo, Fitchburg, MA

Nathan Joseph Nash, Fitchburg, MA

Madolyn B. Niles-Carlson, Fitchburg, MA

Donatila M. Norberto, Fitchburg, MA

Melissa Tulonen ODell, Fitchburg, MA

Michael Nathan Palermo, Fitchburg, MA

Felicia Marie Patenaude, Fitchburg, MA

Petra Lisette Pena, Fitchburg, MA

Rebekah G. Pineda, Fitchburg, MA

Sarah Kate Primeau, Fitchburg, MA

Tutsirai Samantha Puwai, Fitchburg, MA

Nicole M. Ramos, Fitchburg, MA

Bryan Lee Rios, Fitchburg, MA

Elias Joel Rodriguez, Fitchburg, MA

Karina Lyneette Rosado, Fitchburg, MA

Maritza Ruiz Hernandez, Fitchburg, MA

Rose M. Sanchez Pratts, Fitchburg, MA

Crystallyn Marie Secino, Fitchburg, MA

Rebecca R. Shosey, Fitchburg, MA

Natalie P. Solivan, Fitchburg, MA

Jenny Kousonh Sonhnarath, Fitchburg, MA

Aida Soto, Fitchburg, MA

Skylar Sweeney, Fitchburg, MA

Velma Kelly Che Tamfu, Fitchburg, MA

Mildred Yaa Tamfuh, Fitchburg, MA

Mecca Leslie Taylor, Fitchburg, MA

Brook Lynn-Ann Tenney, Fitchburg, MA

Emma Victoria Terho, Fitchburg, MA

Solimar E. Troche, Fitchburg, MA

Gabriel Enrique Velez, Fitchburg, MA

Brianna Rose Vello, Fitchburg, MA

Daniel John Voutila, Fitchburg, MA

Iyari Ladawn Watson, Fitchburg, MA

Hailey Amber Whitney, Fitchburg, MA

Samantha Wilks, Fitchburg, MA

Genenia T. Williamson, Fitchburg, MA

Troy Worthley, Fitchburg, MA

Amanda Marie Lajoie, Foxboro, MA

Shoshana Adams, Framingham, MA

Mercy Aryee, Gardner, MA

Emma Vaughn Ashmore, Gardner, MA

Thomas J. Atkinson, Gardner, MA

Victoria Elizabeth Axelson, Gardner, MA

William J. Beier, Gardner, MA

James A. Belliveau, Gardner, MA

Ryan Michael Benoit, Gardner, MA

William C. Billiel, Gardner, MA

Renee M. Blouin, Gardner, MA

Logan J. Boudreau, Gardner, MA

Charles L. Brown, Gardner, MA

Myranda Mae Buck, Gardner, MA

Gwendalynn Haley Budzinski, Gardner, MA

Patricia A. Caldwell, Gardner, MA

Maggie C. Campbell, Gardner, MA

Michelle M. Collins, Gardner, MA

Cassandra Margaret Conrad, Gardner, MA

Damien Alexander Cormier, Gardner, MA

Michelle Anne Cosio, Gardner, MA

Christopher Frederick Dewhurst, Gardner, MA

Jennifer Falcon, Gardner, MA

Pauline Del Mar Farinacci, Gardner, MA

Rylie Grace Faulkner, Gardner, MA

Izic Richard French, Gardner, MA

Eiyan Gammell, Gardner, MA

Richard L. Gilbert, Gardner, MA

Julia Lynn Girouard, Gardner, MA

Mina Girouard, Gardner, MA

Rachel A. Gonzalez, Gardner, MA

Zakiyah Aysha Gray, Gardner, MA

Jerome Estevan Grice, Gardner, MA

Juliana Sage Hagopian-Breton, Gardner, MA

Jodie Ann Haimila, Gardner, MA

Emily Rose Hallinan, Gardner, MA

Mercedes Guadalupe Hernandez, Gardner, MA

Gianna Rose Howlett, Gardner, MA

Justina May Johnson, Gardner, MA

Anneliese Julia King, Gardner, MA

Scott B. King, Gardner, MA

Bridget Ann Koetsch, Gardner, MA

Alexis K. Leonard, Gardner, MA

Jack Levesque, Gardner, MA

Savannah Leigh Lloyd, Gardner, MA

Tracey L. Maag, Gardner, MA

Louis J. Maldonado, Gardner, MA

Kathryn Malnight, Gardner, MA

Katherine Medina, Gardner, MA

Paul F. Menard, Gardner, MA

Aimee E. Merchant, Gardner, MA

Kathleen R. Mott, Gardner, MA

Anne Marie Nash, Gardner, MA

George Njifaw, Gardner, MA

Felicia M. Page, Gardner, MA

Taylor Iola Putnam, Gardner, MA

Pierce J. Rhinhart, Gardner, MA

Jeffrey R. Ricard, Gardner, MA

Edessa C. Rodriguez, Gardner, MA

Jessica N. Sleeper, Gardner, MA

Meredith A. Stewart, Gardner, MA

Samuel Thieme, Gardner, MA

Heidi Valliere, Gardner, MA

Daniel Viveiros, Gardner, MA

Seth Justin Watson, Gardner, MA

Patrick J. Worrall, Gardner, MA

Noah James Willigar, Gilbertville, MA

Morgan A. Downham, Greenfield, MA

Kayla R. Hanlon, Groton, MA

Jared Deven Hall, Halifax, MA

Edward A. Garcia Abreu, Haverhill, MA

Paula Ann Morgan, Holbrook, MA

Kendrik Royce Imperio, Holden, MA

Marian W. Khalil, Holden, MA

Emily Khoury, Holden, MA

Margaret Elisabeth Love, Holden, MA

Makenna A. Mongeon, Holden, MA

Russell Neil Parker, Holden, MA

Rylie Anna Johnson, Holland, MA

Sarina Jade Johnson, Holland, MA

Jahzara Desravines, Hubbardston, MA

Antonio J. Doherty, Hubbardston, MA

Katie Lynn Holgerson, Hubbardston, MA

MacKenzie L. Hosley, Hubbardston, MA

Kristen M. Kierman, Hubbardston, MA

Miranda Monahan, Hubbardston, MA

Aidalys Olivo, Hudson, MA

Irene Claire Aceret, Hyannis, MA

Leyla S. Abdela, Hyde Park, MA

Tyler J. Hanson, Lancaster, MA

Pollyane Fonte Oliveira, Lancaster, MA

Ethan Revell, Lancaster, MA

Tierra Charelle Sanders, Lancaster, MA

Emanuel Ngiruwonsanga, Lawrence, MA

Paulina Andrade-Cazaux, Leominster, MA

Brittany Lee Arriaga Figueroa, Leominster, MA

Prince Owusu Asare, Leominster, MA

Dayanaliz Ayala, Leominster, MA

Aaron Michael Bateman, Leominster, MA

Isaac Julian Batista, Leominster, MA

Alyssa Nicole Booker, Leominster, MA

Jamila Bousbaa, Leominster, MA

Michelle Bruno, Leominster, MA

Nicolle P. Bunting, Leominster, MA

Samantha Mae Camerano, Leominster, MA

Kelly Karina Caravantes, Leominster, MA

Christopher S. Christy, Leominster, MA

Lisa Marie Coleman, Leominster, MA

Stephannie Dianna Coronel, Leominster, MA

Ketlen Lima Costa, Leominster, MA

Ke Kai Malu Crawford, Leominster, MA

Heather Germaine Deacy, Leominster, MA

Kaycee Faith DeForte, Leominster, MA

Lorelly Ann Leika Dessalines, Leominster, MA

Noelymar Diaz Gonzalez, Leominster, MA

Hoa Dinh, Leominster, MA

Amal C. Elkhoury, Leominster, MA

David John Ellis, Leominster, MA

Jill A. Evans, Leominster, MA

Rhafaella Ferreira E Silva, Leominster, MA

Hauena Stival Martins Freire, Leominster, MA

Dante D. Giannunzio, Leominster, MA

Deanne Rebecca Grautski, Leominster, MA

Jenna J. Guzman, Leominster, MA

Alex Charles Helenius, Leominster, MA

Michael Anthony Hidalgo, Leominster, MA

Amy Lynn Jeffrey, Leominster, MA

Christopher M. Johnson, Leominster, MA

Skylar D. Kuczwara, Leominster, MA

Nicholas J. Kugel, Leominster, MA

Jasper Philip Lewis, Leominster, MA

Marlene Lopez, Leominster, MA

Mia Sarah Losey, Leominster, MA

Juliana Lucena, Leominster, MA

Juan Luna, Leominster, MA

Zoeth Hanania Magembe, Leominster, MA

Doreen G. McDonald, Leominster, MA

Elijah M. McGee, Leominster, MA

Nellys Marina Menjivar, Leominster, MA

Cody Ricky Mercarter, Leominster, MA

Ronald Kizito Mwesigwa, Leominster, MA

Patrick J. Newton, Leominster, MA

Sydney Blair Norton, Leominster, MA

Prinne Nyanduko Nyabiosi, Leominster, MA

Taylor L. O’Dell, Leominster, MA

Christopher D. Palleiro-Alvez, Leominster, MA

Sydney Marie Parker, Leominster, MA

Lynn A. Percuoco, Leominster, MA

Ashley Marie Perez, Leominster, MA

Andreina Perez Matias, Leominster, MA

Stella Nogueira Pion, Leominster, MA

Sarah Nicole Poirier, Leominster, MA

Brandon Joseph Poirier, Leominster, MA

Melissa M. Ramos, Leominster, MA

Neyi Zuleika Rijo Alvarez, Leominster, MA

Julia Moura Rocha, Leominster, MA

Walishka T. Roman-Torres, Leominster, MA

Julie Roy, Leominster, MA

Cathia M. Ruiz, Leominster, MA

Sherri A. Salmond, Leominster, MA

Biubwa Kassim Shukuru, Leominster, MA

Taressa L. Smith, Leominster, MA

Chamroeun Sok, Leominster, MA

Ryan J. Soulliere, Leominster, MA

Jessica Lynn Sumner, Leominster, MA

Chad Michael Tata, Leominster, MA

Sarah Diane Townsend, Leominster, MA

Thalita Vacca, Leominster, MA

Melanie A. Warner, Leominster, MA

Alyssa L. Waterman, Leominster, MA

Elida Zepeda, Leominster, MA

Tyler Matthew Savignano, Longmeadow, MA

Lucy Waithera Maina, Lowell, MA

Mary W. Mungai, Lowell, MA

Sadie Marie Asch, Lunenburg, MA

Brianne Nicole Aubin, Lunenburg, MA

Ryan T. Barksdale, Lunenburg, MA

Constance Svetlana Burr, Lunenburg, MA

Sarah Elizabeth Cioffi, Lunenburg, MA

Carlee Brianna Dunbar, Lunenburg, MA

Emmett B. Frank, Lunenburg, MA

Iris Gonzalez, Lunenburg, MA

Drew W. Hallisey, Lunenburg, MA

Lillian B. Holman, Lunenburg, MA

Sarah Holmes, Lunenburg, MA

Brunette D. Jean, Lunenburg, MA

Grace Catherine Kirrane, Lunenburg, MA

Ethan Sebastian Kline, Lunenburg, MA

Caden A. Palma, Lunenburg, MA

Sabrina Leigh Peterson, Lunenburg, MA

Casey Meghan Rockwell, Lunenburg, MA

Patricia Vehmeyer, Lunenburg, MA

Edward O. Holloman, Lynn, MA

Linda M. Perry, Lynn, MA

Gerry Dieudonne, Mansfield, MA

Nancy Frimpong, Marlborough, MA

Rita Ellen Zaker, Marshfield, MA

Timothy David Schiller, Methuen, MA

Gabriel P. Garcez, Milford, MA

Brianna Brewer, Millbury, MA

Amy L. Picard, Millbury, MA

Hannah Lee Pinkham-Lacroix, Millis, MA

Tristan A. Soucy, Monson, MA

Jessica Rae Holmes, New Braintree, MA

Michelle M. Pepin, New Braintree, MA

Candice Lee Nolette, New Salem, MA

Avery Nye, North Adams, MA

Thomas George, North Attleboro, MA

Joy Priscilla Kisakye, North Billerica, MA

Emma Anne McGinty, North Brookfield, MA

Hannah Elizabeth Southwick, North Brookfield, MA

Jessica Watts, North Grafton, MA

Yojneesh Shakya, Northborough, MA

Jeremiah Ephraim, Norwood, MA

Jackson A. Langlois, Oakham, MA

Lyndsay Blake Anderson, Orange, MA

Natasha Lynn Beauchemin, Orange, MA

Brittany Jasmine Bergevin, Orange, MA

Michael P. Gemelli Jr., Orange, MA

Jennifer L. Gernert, Orange, MA

Cameron A. Gonynor, Orange, MA

Alyssa May Hardy, Orange, MA

Nikki Higgins, Orange, MA

Gabriela Lyman, Orange, MA

David Ray Simpson, Orange, MA

Sophia Lucia Whitman, Orange, MA

Harleigh Jayne West, Oxford, MA

Xorth L. Eddy, Paxton, MA

Matthew R. Hansson, Paxton, MA

Christopher S. McCall, Pepperell, MA

Ryan A. Riel, Pepperell, MA

Sophia Hope Soares, Pepperell, MA

Royal Kane, Petersham, MA

Norah Jane Theresa Blair, Phillipston, MA

Karisa Bussiere, Phillipston, MA

Bennett R. Chadbourne, Phillipston, MA

Briana Francisca Navarijo, Phillipston, MA

Alaisha Spofford, Phillipston, MA

Shannon L. Vasquez-Solis, Phillipston, MA

Elizabeth Marguerite Whiting, Phillipston, MA

Adam Liccardi, Pittsfield, MA

Abigail Katherine Randall, Plymouth, MA

Marco A. Aguiar, Princeton, MA

Cameryn Dawn LeShane, Princeton, MA

Eronika Jecelle Anderson, Rochdale, MA

Caolane Jean Paul, Roslindale, MA

Leah N. Barnes, Royalston, MA

Stacey Elizabeth Sweeney, Royalston, MA

Kelsey A. Cobb, Rutland, MA

Kelly Anne Culkeen, Rutland, MA

Lia Gomez, Rutland, MA

Kelly Elizabeth Kilcoyne, Rutland, MA

Curtis R. Lindberg, Rutland, MA

Faith M. Mwaniki, Rutland, MA

Ethan J. Naiman, Rutland, MA

Megean Joanne Wessell, Rutland, MA

Anthony P. Baye, Shirley, MA

Hanalise Margaret Bennett, Shirley, MA

James Anthony Bing, Shirley, MA

Justin A. Cooper, Shirley, MA

Ifunanya C. Ezechukwu, Shirley, MA

Melissa Amber Fitzgerald, Shirley, MA

Christien Hoffler, Shirley, MA

Nicholas T. House, Shirley, MA

Christopher Stewart Jones, Shirley, MA

Maurice V. Morrison, Shirley, MA

Mavis Dumont, Shrewbury, MA

Maya A. Berube, Shrewsbury, MA

Daniel Dorzin Mullane, Shrewsbury, MA

Liana Nicole Brouillet, South Barre, MA

Melanie Ann Chapman, South Barre, MA

Tiffany R. Johnson-Young, Southbridge, MA

Molly B. McNamara, Southbridge, MA

Jason Andrew Kobel, Spencer, MA

Kaleigh M. Raskett, Spencer, MA

Jennifer Lidia Trently, Spencer, MA

Jazlynn Marrie Jones, Sterling, MA

Daniel P. Kershaw, Sterling, MA

Elric Murphy, Sterling, MA

Shawn Coleman, Stoughton, MA

Hannah Helen Owen, Sutton, MA

Jordan A. Gomes, Taunton, MA

Lauren Noel Arsenault, Templeton, MA

Katie Batallas, Templeton, MA

Andrew W. Capps, Templeton, MA

Elizabeth Cyganiewicz, Templeton, MA

Kerianne Casey Dwyer, Templeton, MA

Cyrus Fiffy, Templeton, MA

Colton Richard Flint, Templeton, MA

Jennifer L. Guercio, Templeton, MA

Bearitt T. Hansen, Templeton, MA

Noella Rosealee Maki, Templeton, MA

Michael R. Mosher, Templeton, MA

Amy Robillard, Templeton, MA

Daniella Salinas, Templeton, MA

Bryan T. Young, Tewksbury, MA

Pearl Briguglio, Townsend, MA

Eric Gordon Clarke, Townsend, MA

Emily Marie Curtin, Townsend, MA

Emily M. Goodman, Townsend, MA

Joyce W. Grivakis, Townsend, MA

Kayela J. Oder, Townsend, MA

James Alden Major, Turners Falls, MA

Jasenia Mercedez Montano, Uxbridge, MA

Abby May Bryant, Ware, MA

Kacie Morgan Gallagher, Ware, MA

Emily Routhier, Ware, MA

Samantha Marie Leon, Webster, MA

Alberta Plange, Webster, MA

Julie Beth Anderson, West Boylston, MA

Calagen Davis Bruni, West Brookfield, MA

Mikayla Elizabeth Harnois, West Warren, MA

Devin William Bowler, Westminster, MA

Kaylee Andrena Chiarenza, Westminster, MA

Katherine Marie Cullison, Westminster, MA

Violet Jane Gunsalus, Westminster, MA

Branden Christopher Hoegen, Westminster, MA

Liam Matthew Kerns, Westminster, MA

Cecelia A. Lane, Westminster, MA

Cailey Frances Leblanc, Westminster, MA

Zachary M. Leblanc, Westminster, MA

Annika Faith Rodriquenz, Westminster, MA

Russell Charles Kuipers, Whitinsville, MA

Kade McCann, Whitinsville, MA

Alexia S. Allard, Winchendon, MA

Sue Ann Bennett, Winchendon, MA

Katlin Elaine Bosworth, Winchendon, MA

Sirena Denae Caputi, Winchendon, MA

John M. Coderre, Winchendon, MA

Halli F. Coulter, Winchendon, MA

Kathleen Megan Dwyer, Winchendon, MA

Molly C. Eglington, Winchendon, MA

Michelle L. Fazio, Winchendon, MA

Nicole Elizabeth Flerra, Winchendon, MA

Emily J. Forest, Winchendon, MA

Andrew M. Forest, Winchendon, MA

David P. Fortin, Winchendon, MA

Isaiah Goguen, Winchendon, MA

Rachel K. Legree, Winchendon, MA

Courtney Anne Lively, Winchendon, MA

Monique Marie Maillet, Winchendon, MA

Catherine H. Murphy, Winchendon, MA

Melissa P. Phatthammachack, Winchendon, MA

Courtney Hannah Ruble, Winchendon, MA

Drew M. St. Peter, Winchendon, MA

Jennifer L. Thurlow, Winchendon, MA

Jacqueline M. Toth, Winchendon, MA

MacKenzie Wilson, Winchendon, MA

Rebecca M. Wood, Winchendon, MA

Rahel Abrokwah, Worcester, MA

Patrick Gerhard Ackley, Worcester, MA

Abigail Agyeiwaa Asante, Worcester, MA

Ebenezer Atobrah, Worcester, MA

Christian Antonio Bacelis, Worcester, MA

Rachel Anne Bodurtha, Worcester, MA

Oscar A. Bonito, Worcester, MA

Megan Ashley Campbell, Worcester, MA

Michaela Anne Casey, Worcester, MA

Juliana V. Derr, Worcester, MA

Katelyn M. Deviney, Worcester, MA

Julian T. Economou, Worcester, MA

Nana Essuman, Worcester, MA

Paul S. Johnson, Worcester, MA

Aliana N. Johnson, Worcester, MA

Kennedy Johnson, Worcester, MA

Livenson Joseph, Worcester, MA

Kayla Njeri Kagwe, Worcester, MA

Melody W. Karungii, Worcester, MA

Elliot M. Kershaw, Worcester, MA

Lydia Kusiwah, Worcester, MA

Wendy M. Martinez Sanfle, Worcester, MA

Genevieve Oshun Mellyn-Mason, Worcester, MA

Katelyn J. Metallic, Worcester, MA

Leris Nickol Morales, Worcester, MA

James M. Mwenja, Worcester, MA

Amy B. Nouriel, Worcester, MA

Tiffany Ofosuware, Worcester, MA

Folake E. Oluwatosin, Worcester, MA

Kenneth Payano, Worcester, MA

Michelle Rodriguez, Worcester, MA

Kiomarie Santana Cintron, Worcester, MA

Angela C. Sheehy, Worcester, MA

Gioia Di M. Snape, Worcester, MA

Vasty N. Wilson, Worcester, MA


Kyle J. Hoegen, Kennebunk, ME

North Carolina

Latisha M. Johnson, Lumberton, NC

New Hampshire

Melissa Anne Jolin, Dover, NH

Ashley N. Meas, Francestown, NH

Phineas Lamarre, Greenville, NH

Darean R. Gutierrez, Harrisville, NH

Joseph S. Dugan, Jaffrey, NH

Janelle Elizabeth Vitello, Jaffrey, NH

Atiana Alexis Lancaster, Keene, NH

Braighan A. Forrester, Milford, NH

Justin P. Smith, New Ipswich, NH

Shyanne Forrest, Peterborough, NH

Rebecca Lynn Rule-Sellers, Richmond, NH

Pamela Lee Hayes, Rindge, NH

Jessica L. Huntington, Rindge, NH

Jenell Lynn Lachance, Rindge, NH

Renee LeFort, Rindge, NH

Kathryn A. Lima, Rindge, NH

John Christopher Oakes, Rindge, NH

Jacob Randell ONeill, Rindge, NH

Elsibeth A. Trimbur, Rindge, NH

Rhode Island

Andirena Owusu Ansah, West Warwick, RI


Alyssa A. Abbott-Kerylow, Vernon, VT