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MWCC Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society Adds New Members

The Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society held a virtual induction ceremony to welcome its new members on April 12, 2022.

Delta Alpha Pi (DAPi) is an academic honor society that recognizes students with disabilities for their academic achievements. To be eligible, students must have completed twenty-four credits and earned an overall GPA of 3.10. DAPi inductees pledge to demonstrate leadership in advancing the rights of individuals with disabilities, to serve as a role model for other students, and to advocate for themselves and other individuals with disabilities. Established in 2017, the MWCC Delta Alpha Pi chapter is one of only ten in the Commonwealth.

“Each of you has put in a tremendous amount of work to earn this honor,” notes MWCC President James Vander Hooven in his opening remarks. “Membership in DAPi says a lot about you and your goals. It speaks to your desire to not only be a better student but a better community member and to use your education to help others. You are role models for your family, friends, and fellow students.”

Welcoming the new members to the DAPi were Vice President of Student Affairs, Jason Zelesky, chapter president Cami Stephens, secretary Logan Corrando, and treasurer Andrew Lanciani.

“Welcome to this astonishing group,” Stephens addressed the inductees. “In all our meetings there is such a wholesome aura, everyone celebrates and appreciates one another. I genuinely believe that the environment we have created is the quintessential meaning of an honor society.”

“I would like to congratulate all the inductees today. You have all worked so hard to get to this point and should be proud of yourselves,” added Corrado. “I have enjoyed working with all of you this past year and wish the best for everyone’s future endeavors.”

“While the virus overtook our daily tasks for a while, it never took over our desire to learn and grow as a community,” noted Lanciani. “While the pandemic forced us to resort to remote learning, it never broke our spirits. We have done it! It goes to show that no matter the challenge, no matter the inconveniences that stand in our way, we will triumph.”

Amy LaBarge, Coordinator of Disability Services and DAPi Advisor added, “Today we celebrate you and your achievements. Ann Reynolds and I are honored to be your advisors and are so proud of you.”

The Delta Alpha Pi 2022 inductees and their majors are:

Stephanie Barry of Lowell, MA – Paralegal Studies

Alisha Briand, Leominster, MA – Interdisciplinary Studies

Katherine Margoles, Gardner, MA – Allied Health

Cami Stephens, Boxborough, MA – Liberal Arts & Sciences

Ali Swank-Collins, Rindge, NH – Interdisciplinary Studies

Alex Townsend, Stow, MA – Liberal Arts & Sciences