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MWCC Graduates Join the Nursing Profession in Traditional Pinning Ceremony

Mount Wachusett Community College held a traditional pinning ceremony for the graduates of its Associate Degree in Nursing program on May 19, 2022 with family and friends at the Mount Fitness facility.

The Class of 2022 is the 49th class to earn their Associate Degree in Nursing. The class was made up of 96 students who were enrolled in either the day nursing program or were licensed practical nurses who returned to MWCC to continue their education through the Bridge to Nursing program.

Each student was given the opportunity to share a few words of thanks for the love and support shown by their friends, family and faculty through their education before receiving their pin from their chosen faculty, friend or family member.

“The fact that you have made the decision to enter this field after you already knew what was happening in the world around us, speaks to your character. The fact that of all of the fields, of all of the paths that you could have chosen to travel at that moment, you chose a field that is committed to compassion and caring for others,” MWCC President James Vander Hooven told graduates. “For that I salute you, I appreciate you, and I know that you will leave this program to go out into the world and save lives.”

“I also have to commend our nursing faculty,” Vander Hooven continued. “I thank them for their commitment to our students and to the nursing profession – moving it forward with a new generation of nurses. The work you have done has been beyond description and I thank you for it.”

“It’s been a long couple of years learning to be a nurse, but also trying to do it in the middle of a global pandemic. This has been difficult, not only because of the curriculum, but because many of you also contracted COVID-19 along with your friends, family members, and co-workers. Many have suffered great loss, we’ve faced these difficulties together and we have grieved together,” Dean of Nursing Kimberly Shea told students. “Through this you have persevered, showing tremendous grace and kindness to all of those around you. You have mastered the art of flexibility. You have demonstrated the ability to pivot in whatever direction needed. You have risen to the challenge every time. You have fought for this, and you have won. We are so incredibly proud of you.”

The class of 2022, in order by town are:

New Hampshire

Stephanie M. Sanders, Hancock, NH

Alyssa J. Snow, Jaffrey, NH

Nathan R. Cornwell, Fitzwilliam, NH

Desiree Marie Santaw, Fitzwilliam, NH

Tamara Krook, New Ipswich, NH

Laura Ann Moran, New Ipswich, NH

Kirsten Serina Thayer, Richmond, NH

Natalie L. Leveille, Rindge, NH

Katie Elizabeth Marsh, Rindge, NH

Megan Ann Perez, Rindge, NH



Cintia Andrade de Menezes, Acton, MA

Kennedy D. Boamah, Auburn, MA

Alexandra Shea, Belchertown, MA

Nichole Elizabeth Bacon, Brimfield, MA

Carly Noela Reynolds, Charlton, MA

Brittany A. Cravedi, Clinton, MA

Gina R. Carrico, Douglas, MA

Denys A. Rodriguez, Douglas, MA

Noah Kasirye, Dracut, MA

Danielle Marie LaForce, Dudley, MA

Taylor Lynn Stewart, East Templeton, MA

Hafsa Asfa, Fitchburg, MA

Rumana Ashraf, Fitchburg, MA

Samantha L. Boucher, Fitchburg, MA

Melissa L. Gaudet, Fitchburg, MA

Samantha Lauren Hill, Fitchburg, MA

Ashleigh Marie LaClair, Fitchburg, MA

Payengcha Lee, Fitchburg, MA

Jessy Mariana Silvera Maciel, Fitchburg, MA

Celena P. Valiente, Fitchburg, MA

Annastasia Anderson, Gardner, MA

Jacqueline Kyna Hobbs, Gardner, MA

Mikyoung Kim, Gardner, MA

Sara A. Rich, Gardner, MA

Sarah Beverly Savoy, Gardner, MA

Ashley Bourgault, Gilbertville, MA

Vanessa Jean Chaves, Holden, MA

Christina Garrepy, Holden, MA

Emma Kathleen Kinnear, Hubbardston, MA

Mackenzie Lynn Bailey, Leominster, MA

Sarah Duodu, Leominster, MA

Paula Tamara Franco Gutierrez, Leominster, MA

Margaret Wanjiru Githengu, Leominster, MA

Kevin James Harrington, Leominster, MA

Rosemary Ireni, Leominster, MA

Melanie Marie Mason, Leominster, MA

Erika A. Schiffer, Leominster, MA

Danielle D. Thomas, Leominster, MA

Jennifer Ann Wilson, Littleton, MA

Sarah M. Nakatoogo, Lowell, MA

Angella Nanyanzi, Lowell, MA

Anne F. Wanyee, Lowell, MA

Eric Scouten, Lunenburg, MA

Melissa Christine Jordan, Marlborough, MA

Melissa Pierre, Marlborough, MA

Karleigh Elena Martinec, Maynard, MA

Brian Keith Gasco Jr., Millbury, MA

Jade Rhea Martel, Millbury, MA

Jennifer Carolina Castro-Lainez, North Oxford, MA

Amanda M. Finch, Orange, MA

Carla Wheeler, Orange, MA

Candace Mia French, Princeton, MA

Brittany Elaine Smith, Princeton, MA

Shannon Hanson, Rutland, MA

James Ray Bonner, Salisbury, MA

Brittany Danforth, Shrewsbury, MA

Desiree Fernandez, MA

Darlene F. Murphy, Somerset, MA

Orianna Paige Gendron, Southbridge, MA

Alicia L. MacKinnon, Spencer, MA

Peninah Okuku, Spencer, MA

Carmen Michelle Belville, Sterling, MA

Sarah J. Merrill, Townsend, MA

Becky L. Roberts, Tyngsboro, MA

Michael Rowland Young, West Boylston, MA

Kimberlie Lyn Milner, West Warren, MA

Kaitlin Jean Lawton, Westborough, MA

Ruth Charity Njaaga, MA

Edith Masembe, Westford, MA

Philippe D. Olson, Westminster, MA

Nicole A. Leeper, Winchendon, MA

Georgina Amoah-Dankwah, Worcester, MA

Josephine B. Asante, MA

Zachary Austin Cotter, Worcester, MA

Vanessa De Matos, Worcester, MA

Ingrid Del Orbe, Worcester, MA

Sarah Entwistle, Worcester, MA

Erick Webuye Inyanga, Worcester, MA

Anita Johnson, Worcester, MA

Maureen C.J. Khabosa, Worcester, MA

Affi Kimberg, Worcester, MA

Brittany Alexandra Mariscal, Worcester, MA

Irene W. Mbugua, Worcester, MA

Yesenia Murillo, Worcester, MA

Kelvin Miru Muthoni, Worcester, MA

Washington M. Mwangi, Worcester, MA

Georgia Ashley Wing, Worcester, MA

Ruth Tanis Zuniga, Worcester, MA