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MWCC Honors 91 Fitchburg and Leominster Students Receiving College Healthcare Credits

A large group of people poses for a photo.
The Project Healthcare students graduating from High School this year gathered for a special ceremony on Thursday night.

A celebration took place on Thursday night for 91 students from Fitchburg and Leominster who will graduate from High School this year after participating in Project Healthcare and getting a jump-start on their college education.

The celebration was organized by Mount Wachusett Community College and took place at the Wachusett Mountain Ski Area on April 25. Project Healthcare is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and is operated by MWCC. It provides free healthcare classes to students through a dual enrollment program. All of the students in the program vattend Fitchburg High School (FHS), Leominster High School (LHS), or Leominster Center for Technical Education Innovation (LCTEi).

The classes are taught to prepare the students for future careers in healthcare fields and were taught directly in their high schools. A total of 32 Project Healthcare students are anticipated to be CNA certified by June.

“I will never forget what Project Healthcare gave me. It gave me the opportunity to hear other women who are professionals in their field of medicine. I learned about health disparities in my community that someday I wish to tackle and I have been introduced to so many people who work every day to save lives,” said Leominster High School Student Hellen Muma who will be attending UMass Amherst next year and plans to go on to become a doctor participating in Doctors without Borders.

The students have been a part of Project Healthcare since 2016. Students in this program not only accelerate their college path by obtaining credits that reduce the time and money spent on higher education, but also have the opportunity to pursue certificate programs that allow them to work well-paying jobs immediately out of high school and thus further reduce their need to burden themselves with loans to further their education.

“Project Healthcare has gotten all of its students ahead,” said Fitchburg High School Student Jacqueline Laskowski who participated in the program and will be attending Dennison University next year to study psychology and neuroscience.  “We have all learned so much about how to be successful in our future plans.”

The following students were recognized at the celebration:

First Name Last Name High School
Cizara Al-Aziz FHS
Madison Alejandro FHS
Genesis Alvarez Bergodere FHS
Emma Auger FHS
Kiara Baez FHS
Josiah Begor FHS
William Coleman FHS
Khoi Dang Nguyen FHS
Tatyana Diaz FHS
Alexis Dimond FHS
Brooke Feltus FHS
Andrew Foster FHS
Ulysses Fowler FHS
Jorge Gaitan Jr. FHS
Justine Gaynor FHS
Joshua Gonzalez FHS
Kobe Hoang FHS
Jayda Kolaco FHS
Destiny Lamoreaux FHS
Jacqueline Laskowski FHS
Pa-Zhong Lee FHS
Sophia Mahone FHS
Bivianna Masses FHS
Abrianna McCall FHS
Marissa McInnis Ramos FHS
Juliana Mejia FHS
Rohanji Novas FHS
Juan Pedraza FHS
Alana Perry FHS
Ciara Perry FHS
William Phommatham FHS
Elizabeth Quiles FHS
Yanailiz Rivera FHS
Hilario Rodriguez IV FHS
Cristal Rosado Perez FHS
Suliannah Souryyavongsa FHS
Katalina Tejada FHS
Jackson Truax FHS
William Vargo FHS
Willie Vongphachacnh FHS
Kaylin Wiseman FHS
Cicero Appiah LCTEi
Aubrey Carter LCTEi
Gabrielle Grimley LCTEi
Lakayla Kamara LCTEi
Peyton LeBlanc LCTEi
Frank Lunetta LCTEi
Kamie McCusker LCTEi
Karen Mireku LCTEi
Spesioza Moriasi LCTEi
Jennifer Payne LCTEi
Macy Pepin LCTEi
Laura Ramsaran LCTEi
Mackenzie Spanner LCTEi
Hannah Wyman LCTEi
Lucrecia Acosta LHS
Brianna Ash LHS
Farah Auguste LHS
Daishaliz Aulet LHS
Roxane Bede LHS
Kayla Beer LHS
Maximiliano Budzinski LHS
Millenia Butler LHS
Hannah Champa LHS
Roseguecey Clermont LHS
Abigail Costa LHS
Haleigh Craigen LHS
Julia Dalton LHS
Jenaida Darling LHS
La Porsha Fate LHS
Elma Garcia LHS
Jenny Gonzalez LHS
Alexis Hahn LHS
Kaylee Harrigan LHS
Samuel Johnson LHS
Ryka Lamontagne LHS
Patrice McDonald LHS
Hellen Muma LHS
Melissa Paquette LHS
Preya Patel LHS
Jaydalee Perez LHS
Lysandra Ramos LHS
Ianna Reaves LHS
Ruby Roberge LHS
Amara Rose LHS
Naomi Someya-Brown LHS
Gladimir Taveras LHS
Kaleb Vowles LHS
Julia Wilson LHS
Precious Yang LHS
Rory Young LHS

Individual awards were given out for each school:


Highest GPA:

Preya Patel

Melissa Paquette

Lucrecia Acosta Larrama

Most Dual Enrollment Credits:

Hellen Muma

Roseguecey Clermont

Julia Dalton

Most Dedicated:

Precious Yang

Kayla Beer

Most Improved:

Roxane Bede

Jayda Lee Perez


Highest GPA:

Emma Auger

Abrianna McCall

Rohanji Novas

Most Dual Enrollment Credits:

William Coleman

Jayda Kolaco

Marissa McInnis Ramos

Most Dedicated:

Jackie Laskowski

Sophia Mahone

Most Improved:

Joshua Gonzalez

Pa-Zhong Lee