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MWCC Students Recognized for over 125,000 hours of Volunteer Service

Three women line up holding a plaque.
The Above and Beyond Award was presented to the Student Nurses Association. Pictured from left to right are: Treasurer Laurie Guerin, President Sybil Sinclair, and Secretary Mikeala Kozlowski. Not pictured is the association’s advisor Donna Santimore.

On Tuesday evening, 261 students were recognized for giving back over 125,000 hours of volunteerism efforts that Mount Wachusett Community College estimates are equivalent to a $2.5-$3 million value.

“When you think about the collective impact, it’s more than just a number. Imagine if all of this just stopped tomorrow,” said Shelley Errington-Nicholson, Director of the Senator Stephen M. Brewer Center for Civic Learning and Community Engagement, reflecting on the event. “This community would look very different if our students and their clubs weren’t committed to volunteering year after year, if our faculty weren’t committed to offering service learning as part of the academic experience. This is a lasting impact because, by and large, our students grow up in these cities and towns and they’re going to stay here,” she said.

“I’m in awe of you because I know you were too busy to volunteer,” President James Vander Hooven told students on May 15. “You had to go to work, or take care of your family, or study for an exam, and yet you figured out a way to carve out some time to help others.”

“Changing the world – even for one person or for one day – is very important and very special,” said Senator Stephen Brewer. “It all starts with you.”

Terri Alden of Orange was awarded the Hillary Bartlett Newsome Service Learning Scholarship in memory of Hillary Bartlett’s spirit of giving back to the community. Bartlett was a 2009 graduate of the Mount’s Early Childhood Transfer program who passed away unexpectedly in 2017.

Professor Emerita Maryann Kane of the Early Childhood Education department received the Faculty Civic Engagement Award. “Maryann, thank you is not sufficient for your years of dedicated to service inspiring generations of new teachers,” said Errington-Nicholson.

Sybil Sinclair of Ashburnham was awarded the Service Learning Scholarship. The Above and Beyond Award was presented to the Student Nurses Association, which conducted a year-long awareness campaign to train students and community members in hands only CPR in addition to collecting 232 pounds of food donations for the campus food pantry. Clear Path for Veterans New England was recognized as the Community Partner of the Year for its holistic approach to helping returning vets and for offering a site for service learning students in both marketing and nursing.

In addition to their volunteer efforts, some students were recognized for additional volunteer-based work. These students were Student Leaders in Civic Engagement, Laryssa Truesdale and Tammy Goodgion. Goodgion put forth the largest effort by a graduating student this year with 358 hours of service.

The SOS (Serving Our Students) interns for the year Cristen Comptois, Marie Ewing, Tammy Goodgion, Elise Hamblett, Sybil Sinclair, Laryssa Truesdale, Jacob VanHillo, and Jacquelyn Vokey were also recognized. Cristen Comptois was also honored for being selected as the school’s 2018 Newman Civic Fellow award winner.

The students who were honored for their volunteer efforts were:


Cintia Andrade de Menezes

Rosimar Bonicenha



Genevieve David

Katherine Herndon

Ashley Perez

Lacy Phongsaly

Sybil Sinclair

Brianna Stone

Haley Visconti



Paula Farley

Kailey Lang



Matthew Applin

Allison Aucoin

Crystal Bentley

Heather Chadsey

Elizabeth Gagnon

Jennifer Harrington

Alicia Lachance

Michelle Leavitt

Amanda Melanson

Natallea Rodrigues

Naomi Wood



Brittany Bechtel

Malcolm Mathis

Denise Perrault


Julie Ehnstrom

Leanne Gauthier

Kimberly Morris

Kelsey Rayner



Kathryn Fenlason

Sarah O’Sullivan



Maxwell Dischler



Susan LaForest



Mariam Ssozi



Katelyn Keefe



Ashley Arsenault

Kelly Hillman

Edna Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Johnathan Lucht

Jennifer Noel



Kabilgangai Subramanian



Sheila Salaverry

Noelle St Martin



Laurie Guerin

Mikeala Kozlowski



Jeremy Ralls



Justine Pottinger



Rachel Adams

Elizabeth Campbell

Micaela Canessa Giorello

Carlington Clarke

Andrea Conrad

Tamra Corliss

Ulric Eubanks

Leah Fletcher

Kelly Gorham

Charlie Hollins

Chantell Jimenez

Destiny Johnson

Zachary Kane

Trevor Leger

Kimberly Mertell

Ashley Monroe

Freda Nazziwa

Kelsey Parmenter

Bryant Quinn

Diosmar Reynoso

Sophia Richardson

Jasmin Ruiz

Shanneah Santiago

Cathy Scottfenton

Marry Sivilaythong

Jennifer Smith



Jacqueline Fernandez

Esi Mensah



David Acevedo

Annastasia Anderson

David Belitsky

Stephanie Borkowski

Christina Bruce

Elizabeth Casson

Sadiya Clark

Kimberly Cook

Briana Cormier

Katrina Cote

Bertha Dancause

Sadie deBettencourt

Zechariah Dietz

Krystal Flagg

Moses Gomez

Rachael Grammont

Tyler Klash

Timothy Landry

Elizabeth LaPan

Nicholas Mackowiak

Katrina McGarry

James Meagher

Jamika Nance-Garcia

Timothy Nowlan

Nathan Oliva

Karen Pietila

Samantha Provonsil

Erin Richard

Estephany Rodriguez

Amy Rogers

Louise Russell

Mitchell Smith

Emilia Torres

Laryssa Truesdale

Tracy Wirtanen



Bridget Donovan

Abigail Mascitelli

Adrianna Nathan

Samantha Zaines



Cristen Comptois

Elizabeth Fowler



Jeffrey Falls



Marisa Crowley

Melanessa Noel

Celina Stacy



Gabriel Caetano

Renee Caissie

Romolo Cataldo

Karen Cormier

Allison Correa

Mary Crumpton

Kiana Delgado

Melissa DelValle

Abigail DeSimone

Matthew Diaz

Angela Douthwright

Melissa Gonzalez

Alexandra Hall

Hieu Huynh

Danielle Johns

Donna King

Adrianna Laurano

Amanda L’Ecuyer

Gina-Maria Lemoine

Jean Lohier

Alexandria Melanson

Helen Mendez

Kao Moua

Fiona Muriuki

Kennedy Owino

Sarah Piche

Daniel Richard

Kim Self Wright

Jason Shattuck

Augustine Tetteh-Quarshie

Tatiana Vazquez

Dawn Veino

Jacquelyn Vokey

Aja Williams

Heidi Wilson

Molly Winand



Michael Niall



Lebga Gwanvalla

Racheal Walker



Kelsey Belair

Florencia Carneiro

Samuel Crisci

Daria Cunningham

Matilda Hayes

Adam Nano



Paolo Molina



Kaila Chase



Terri Alden

Elizabeth Cross

Jaclyn Esparza

Tammy Goodgion

Jennifer Lamontagne

Kaila Lundgren



Nga Le

Kayla Shabo



Cameron Clermont

Emily Mayle

Shannyn Pomeroy



Katelyn Souther



Alec Goodale



Tyler Gearin

Jacob Hammond

Olivia Howes



Winda Flammia



Alexis Fischer

Kayla Romanski

Laura Teves



Ashley Ferris



Crystal Maki

Amber Seppala



Tristen Hafford


South Barre

Lindsey Clarkson



Gisela Rezende



Linda Maher

Mary Remillard



David Anderson



Kelley Canali

Catherine Castagnaro

Michael Lanciani



Melissa Denham



Shelby Arsenau

Adam Brown

Jaclyn Cartee

Lindsey Hastings

Kelsey Vaillancourt

Heidi Whittle



Jonathan Blouin

Kaitlyn Fales

Peter Geanacopoulos

Nicholas Grube

Sherry Langlois

Sarah Merrill

Mark Oberg

Elizabeth Schatia

Melissa Senecal


Turners Falls

Erin Couch



Samantha Peters

Amy Ross



Gerrianne Owens

Erika Valentin


West Boylston

Maria Benson

Michelle Kooyomjian

Stephanie Wronski


West Townsend

Emily Seeley

Nichole Trovato



Erin Auger

Donna Slattery



Kristin Grantz

Bryanna Hache

Taylor Rameau

Brian Richard

Samantha Shippell Stiles

Justina Smith

Gina Vilayphone



Christopher Monette



Madeline Allard

Nicholas Coddington

Elise Hamblett

Stephen Larson

Scott Ploskonka

Teresa Tambling



Karen Benitez

Ashley Kabasinksy

Marlena McKenzie

Jenifer Nancy Ndungu

Brian Neak

Dana Quartey

Katalina Rivera

Cassandra Tousek

Xuan Thanh Tran

Hannah Woodward

North Grosvenordale, CT

Amanda King


Jaffrey, NH

Courtney Emond


Keene, NH

Tayla McAlpine


Mason, NH

Samantha Landry


New Ipswich, NH

Ashley McHugh


Rindge, NH

Elie LeMieux

Nathan Robichaud

Danica Sauvola


Troy, NH

Linda Mclean


Pittsburgh, PA

Louis Ayisi