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MWCC Utilizes SUCCESS Funding to Support Underrepresented Students

Sara Williams, Associate Director of Advising and Success
Sara Williams, Associate Director of Advising and Success

MWCC has received an increase in funding from the Supporting Urgent Community College Equity through Student Services (SUCCESS) program as part of the Commonwealth’s FY21 budget. The fund was established through a legislative appropriation of $7 million in the FY21 budget.

Mount Wachusett Community College will utilize the additional funding to increase support and services designed to improve student success, particularly for students from historically underrepresented backgrounds through the SUCCESS Scholar Program.

At a recent event at the MWCC’s Leominster campus, Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll noted, “The SUCCESS program is a data driven approach that is proven to produce positive outcomes for students in community college. The wraparound services that the SUCCESS program supports, like coaching, advisory services, transportation, and food assistance, are critical to helping students overcome barriers and address the challenges that they face outside of the classroom to help set them up for success in the classroom.”

To be invited to participate in the SUCCESS program, students must be new to Mount Wachusett Community College, either new to college or transferred in. Students may also be enrolled in foundation courses (general eds). Additional qualifications can include being first-generation college students, having a disclosed disability, being part of an underrepresented ethnic group, being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, or are Pell Grant eligible. If students do not meet the criteria but would like more support, advisors will refer students to other support programs.

The SUCCESS team of advisors includes Aly Pichardo-Rosario, Dawn Babineau and Shelby Bourisk and is led by Sara Williams, Associate Director of Advising and Student Success. The SUCCESS Scholars Program will work with students who meet program criteria to help them create a plan for successful degree or certificate program completion, employment after graduation, or assistance with transferring to a 4-year school after they earn their associate degree. The SUCCESS fund renewal is allowing MWCC to create new jobs in advising roles and specifically staff who will work with our students of color and LGBTQIA+ individuals to increase the support offered to MWCCs diverse student population.

If you are interested in learning more about SUCCESS Scholar Program or about the opportunity to become a part of the Success Coach Team, please contact The Office of Advising, Career & Transfer (ACT) by calling 978-630-9109 or email