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Pinning at MWCC honors the newest members of the Nursing Profession

Nurses Pinning Dec 2019Family and friends gathered at Mount Wachusett Community College on Monday, December 16, as the college celebrated the achievements of the graduating class of nursing students during a nurses pinning ceremony. The pinning ceremony is a long tradition in the nursing field, symbolizing the completion of educational requirements for nurses and welcoming them to the profession.

The honorees were each pinned by their mentor in nursing, some selecting an alumni or faculty member, but many choosing a nurse family member. The pin, emblazoned with the words “Service to Humanity and the World” is a symbol of the nursing service and its rights and responsibilities.

“It’s like a roller coaster from start to finish, and you have stayed in the seat and gotten to this night. I’m so proud of the work you have done,” stated MWCC President James Vander Hooven. “You have reached the pinnacle of what I believe is one of our hardest curricula, and are now ready to move forward in your mission to save lives.”

MWCC congratulates the following students on their achievement: Harriet Adoboe, Jessica Altema, Suellen Alves, Martine Beauharnais, Alyssa Bianchi, Anna Bilodeau, Nicole-Marie Cain, Constance Caiquo, Jessie Corbett, Carly Cullen, Krystyne Curtis, Christine Dussault, Teresia Gichuhi, Marissa Hirakawa, Saveth Huy, Nerlande Jacquejean, Myriame Jeannis, Noah Kasirye, Sara Kogut, Sara LeBel, Karen Mao, Shilo Meehan, Enid Morales, Hannah Muroki, Kara Murphy, Sarah O’Donnell, Katie Poitras, Enide Saintalbord, Natacha Sainvil, Anick Salvant, Robert Schnare, Deborah-Jean Strachan, Stephanie Tenney, Chermil Valdez, Lizabeth Velez, Kiana Wheeler, Timothy Williams.