Audio Engineering

Hands-on Audio Training Within One Month

MWCC’s Media Arts & Technology department is proud to have the most comprehensive audio facilities of any Communications/Media program in the Massachusetts State higher education system. Most colleges are not equipped to handle music recording and sound for visual media as is this small community college in Gardner, MA. Several of our audio courses are designed to collaborate with video classes, giving both audio and video students valuable skills in media careers. These students participate in the production of a live concert video each Spring. Through hands-on training, classroom study, and research, they receive training in all aspects of the industry. Graduates can explore careers in music, radio, television, cinema, gaming, and theater. See related press articles here.

Why students choose MWCC for audio training:

  • Community college pricing
  • Training includes audio skills for TV/Film and not just music recording
  • Musical audition not required
  • Hands-on training with equipment within one month of starting
  • Only college program in New England producing concert videos

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