IT Support Specialist

IT Support Specialist Certificate Program

Professionals with the skills and training to locate and service IT issues are vital to businesses in all industries. If you are detail-oriented, driven, and enjoy problem solving, you may enjoy a career as an IT Support Specialist.

With an IT Support Specialist Certificate from MWCC, you will be trained to operate, fix, and oversee software and hardware systems. You will learn how to solve problems found both inside and outside the system.

Be in Demand as an IT Support Specialist

The need for skilled IT technicians grows as organizations shift toward an online network. With an 11%* market growth over the next ten years, IT Support Specialists will be in high demand. You can make an average of $52,000* annually.

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Learn to Drive the Digital Age

In our IT Support Specialist Certificate program, you will take classes in:

  • Computer Service and Repair
  • Microcomputer Networking Applications
  • Microcomputer Database Management
  • Information Systems

You can also choose from 3 electives (within the CIS program) to customize your education to the skills you want to learn about!

Go from a Certificate to a Degree

If you wish to keep furthering your education, you can apply credits from this certificate towards the Computer Information Systems (CIS) Associate’s Degree.

A Foundation of Skills to Build Upon

In our IT Support Specialist certificate program, you will:

  • Use software applications and web servers
  • Locate and study data within databases
  • Create web pages and web graphics
  • Construct, secure, and oversee network resources

*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics