Online Learning FAQs

Online learning courses are not for everyone. The decision to take an online learning course versus a traditional course should not be taken lightly. These guidelines will help you decide if online learning is right for you.

What Type of Student Should Take Online Learning Courses?

The most important characteristic of an online learning student is self-motivation. You will not have an instructor in front of you reminding you to complete assignments. You must motivate yourself to get your work done in a timely manner. If you are a procrastinator, an online learning course is not a wise choice.

Who is Eligible to Take an Online Learning Course?

Anyone who applies and is accepted by MWCC or is currently enrolled as a student is eligible to register for online learning courses as long as they meet required course prerequisites. First-time students need to go through the admissions process and take the placement test given by the assessment center. The results of this test help advisors determine if you are ready for college-level work or if you need assistance in fundamental courses such as reading, writing, and math. If a fundamental course is required, it must be completed prior to registering for college-level courses. Some fundamental courses are offered in the online learning format.

Are Online Learning Courses Self-Paced?

You must keep up with the scheduled course work. Courses are instructor led and generally follow the same semester schedule as traditional courses. All specific course information such as how to reach the instructor, what work is expected, and deadlines to turn in assignments and take tests will be found on your course site. You should expect to devote 9 hours per week studying online for each course.

What Equipment Do I Need to Take an Online Learning Course?

View the Computer Requirements page.

I Have Never Used a Computer. Should I Take Online Learning Courses?

View the Computer Requirements page.

How Many Online Learning Classes Can I Take in a Semester?

It is strongly recommended that you begin by taking no more than one online learning course. You will be learning the same amount of material as a traditional course. Therefore, you should expect to spend at least the same amount of time on an online course as a traditional course. The same is true for assignments.

How Can I See a Demonstration of Blackboard?

  • Visit our demo site
  • Click on Login
  • Enter the word “demo” as the username and the password

How Long Do I Have to Complete an Online Learning Course?

Courses follow a designated start and end date by which all course work must be completed. After a course has ended, students will no longer be able to access their course unless they have made special arrangements with the instructor. Courses follow the traditional academic schedule.

Can I Register for an Online Learning Course Anytime?

MWCC offers online learning courses on a regular academic calendar (fall, spring, and summer). Students cannot enter an online course after the designated add/drop period.

What Will I Need for Materials?

Courses may require students to purchase the following:

  • Textbooks
  • Publisher online content access codes
  • Lab Manual
  • Student Guides
  • Course content CDs

To find out what materials are required for your course, please refer to the MWCC Bookstore site where the information is listed prior to the beginning of the semester. All materials will be available at the MWCC Bookstore at the main campus. If you cannot pick up your books in person, you may contact the bookstore at 978-632-1075 to make alternate arrangements. When calling the bookstore, make sure you know your course number and section.

Do Online Learning Courses Require Any On-Campus Meetings?

A few online learning courses require students to come on campus to complete requirements. However, the majority of courses do not. If you are unsure if a course requires on-campus meetings, please check under Notes in the Course Listing Search available on iConnect.

What Can I Expect from My Online Learning Course? Are All Online Learning Courses Taught the Same Way?

Online learning courses give instructors the academic freedom to create courses using their own teaching methods and styles. Instructors may set up their courses in different ways. Just like a traditional course, the student will be presented with a course syllabus that is a contract between the instructor and the student and should be read carefully in its entirety. This is your guide to what will be expected of you during the course.

How Do I Access My Online Learning Course?

View instructions on accessing your online course here.

What Resources are Available to Students?

ThinkingStorm live and offline tutoring is available to students 18 hours a day, 7 days a week in English, mathematics (developmental through college calculus), statistics, accounting, science, anatomy and physiology, and many more subjects. This resource can be accessed through the “Tutoring” button in any Blackboard course site.

MWCC students have access to Hoonuit through the iConnect portal. Hoonuit is a free resource of 80,000 short instructional videos on over 290 software programs. You will also find other excellent tools such as overviews of PC and Mac basics.

The MWCC Library’s online catalog and periodical databases give students remote access to books and millions of full-text magazine and journal articles. Reference assistance is available via telephone, email, and AOL Instant Messenger.