Animal Appreciation Day

I’m tired of writing about adult stuff alright? So here is pictures of different animals that deserve to be appreciated (not hedgehogs).

photo of a dwarf hamsterThis is a Dwarf Hamster, I have one named Corey. He’s very cute and deserves to be appreciated.

photo of giraffe in the savanaThis is a Giraffe. When I was little one licked me on the face at a zoo. They deserve to be appreciated.

Pomeranian dog in the grass This is a Pomeranian dog. A few days ago I saw one on the sidewalk and we walked together back to his house. His name is Coco and he deserves to be appreciated.

image of a snow albino ball pythonThis is an Albino Ball Python. I wanted one for my birthday but my parents said no. I was very sad and would have named it Alfredo. He deserves to be appreciated.

siamese cat on the floorThis is a Siamese cat. I have one named Luna. She’s a monster but I love her so much. She deserves to be appreciated.

a cat lying on the groundThis is my other cat Lily,a Siberian cat. She is beautiful and so gentle and deserves to be appreciated.

close up of a cockatielThis is a Cockatiel. I used of have one named Belle. She was very loud but super kind and deserves to be appreciated.


Happy Thursday Y’all!!