Disability Services Are Here For You!

This academic year has been like no other. Adjusting to a new normal has been difficult and has caused some stress throughout the last year. However, just because everything is different now, doesn’t mean that Mount Wachusett Community College’s services have stopped. Staff and faculty have been learning to use new methods to connect with students in an efficient way.

Mount Wachusett Community College’s Disability Services Team is here to help and support students who have learning, emotional, physical, and/or medical disabilities. They also assist students with disabilities through the transition process from high school to MWCC as well as from MWCC to a four-year institution.

What Disability Services are Offered?

  • Ensure that students (including prospective students) have equal access to navigate college programs and services including:
    • Admissions and enrollment processes
    • Testing services
    • Academic curriculum
    • Campus environment
    • Digital content
  • Act as the liaison between the student and MWCC faculty and other offices in the support of students with documented disabilities and in the execution of accommodations
  • Academic coaching and specialized tutoring in the areas of essay writing, time management, organizational skills, and study strategies
  • Encourage students to become self-advocates, leaders, problem solvers, and original thinkers

National Honor Society for Students with Disabilities – Delta Alpha Pi

Along with the Disability Services offered, the Mount has an honor society called Delta Alpha Pi (also known as DAPi) which is a national honor society for high achieving students with disabilities. Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society was founded in 2004 at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania.

The Delta Alpha Pi chapter at Mount Wachusett Community College is known as Epsilon Theta.

It was established in May of 2017 to recognize students with disabilities for their academic achievements and leadership skills and to acknowledge their determination and perseverance. The Mount is one of only nine colleges and universities in Massachusetts to have a chapter on campus. Epsilon Theta members assist in promoting disability awareness and pride at Mount Wachusett Community College by helping coordinate and participating in various on-campus and virtual activities.

Benefits of Membership in Delta Alpha Pi include:

  • Honored for outstanding academic achievement
  • Develop leadership and advocacy skills
  • Serve as mentors and role models for other students
  • Participate in fun activities and events
  • Create new friendships on campus
  • Opportunity to showcase strengths of students of all abilities

For more information, visit: http://deltaalphapihonorsociety.org/

Learn More About Disability Services at MWCC

For more information about Disability Services visit the Disability Services page or contact Ann Reynolds, Academic Disability Counselor areynolds1@mwcc.mass.edu