Valuable Lessons From Our Young Venturers

Jojo Antonio, UWYV community memberYoung Venturers have quite an interesting way of looking at the complexities of the world that we live in today which many of us from the older generation often lose sight over time as we become so entangled with own biases and limitations. They take new information and learn harsh truths but seemingly approach the realities of life with youthful passion and fresh perspectives. These qualities remind us to make a quick stroll down memory lane to remember that part of our lives when it used to be so simple and carefree. For the past two months, I learned a tremendous lot about social innovation by working with our amazing Venturers. Here are few of the qualities they have unknowingly reminded me of during the times when I had the rare chance of being among their midst:

When First Impression Counts

Young Venturers commence their initiatives from simply observing their immediate environs. With their unadulterated minds, they start asking the most basic questions and come back what seemed to be simple, yet sensible answers. I remember being a panelist of a venture that proposed to tackle the problem of recycling bins in a low cost housing community. Their venture started through an observation of one of the most obvious problems in their locality, the lack of recycling bins in their poor neighborhood. They wanted to raise money for more sustainable bins by sharing the costs with their venture recipients. From what seemed to be an everyday issue that we all face, they had the courage to navigate it and propose an effective solution that involved the community. Their solution seemed simple but very implementable: a trait which is often ignored by local leaders and the housing developers who constantly deal with the complexities of governance and development and think that solutions also have to be complex.

When Solving Problems Become Fun

Just like any normal kid, young Venturers like to inject fun into their processes when they solve problems that surround them, akin to playing puzzles. Almost all of their ventures have an interest component, perhaps to dissuade them from the monotony and boredom of serious issues and to engage more young people to participate. This strategy is important because it breaks down the resistance of knowing new things or the fear of accepting new perspectives or challenges. They play and learn and create something that transform their communities without expecting anything in return. Serious problems can be solved by fun and interesting solutions.

When You Just Go Where Your Passion Leads You

Young Venturers rarely have biases or assumptions in life. They go through their ventures freely with the end of learning new things, gaining new skills, and making new connections with their classmates and friends who have the same passion. They value diversity and inclusion among their peers. They focus on their destination with vigor and excitement, without fear of failure and just let it flow. Often we get caught up in wanting perfection more than excellence that we lose sight of what we are missing by reaching the very end.