Venture Teams and Their Communities

It’s no surprise that Venture Teams would be most interested in helping their communities. This year, 34 Teams launched with the main cause being about the community, that’s about 28% of our total Venture Teams launched this year! So, let’s take a closer look at some Venture Teams that have launched this year that have chosen community as their cause.

Try Your Best

Try Your Best is a Venture from Fitchburg High School that launched this year. The teams goal is to restore Bartley-Nolan Park, a local park playground and half basketball court. This team has “adopted” and want to restore the park so there will be an increase in children who play there. This team got their inspiration from their own memories of the park, and want to give back to their community.

Operation American Hero

Operation American Hero is a Venture from Leominster High School. This Venture wants to help their local veterans. They have made a clothing and hat line with American pride slogans which they sell to raise money for organizations such as the Leominster Veterans’ Services.

Meals for Shields

Meals for Shields is a Venture from Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical High School that launched this year too. This Team focuses on raising money and sponsorships to be able to bring hams and pies to every fire house in the their community, to say thanks for the sacrifices many firefighters make during the holidays.

That was a closer look at three Venture Teams that have made their community a primary cause. How are you able to help our your own community?