Student Organization Policies and Procedures

This page is currently being developed and will be completed for the Fall 2023 Semester.


Student Organizations are student initated and facilitated groups that encourage students to engage outside the classroom. Student Organizations at MWCC are crucial to the student experience and allow students to connect with one another, develop a better understanding of themselves and others, and enhance the student experience as a whole. There are three types of Student Organizations at MWCC.

SGA/CATS/Mount Observer/eSports

  • Officer Structure determined by organization
    • Officer requirements
      1. Officers must maintain a 2.0 GPA
      2. Officers must be registered for a minimum of 6 credits
        • Exception: If a student is in their final semester at MWCC and enrolled in
          less than 6 credits they may serve as an officer if they were in that same
          officer position during the semester immediately preceding their last
  • Funding
    • Self-sustained or through the Student Life Office
  • Benefits
    • May reserve rooms for meetings/events
    • May host events, trips, etc.
    • May reserve space for tabling/recruiting

Any Student Organization that meets the following criteria:

  • Have a constitution that has been approved by the SGA
  • Fulfill community service and earning requirements annually
  • Officer requirements
    1. Has a minimum of a President and Treasurer, elects other officers as desired
    2. Officers must maintain a 2.0 GPA
    3. Officers must be registered for a minimum of 6 credits
      • Exception: If a student is in their final semester at MWCC and enrolled in less than 6 credits they may serve as an officer if they were in that same officer position during the semester immediately preceding their last semester.
  • Funding
    1. Will have an account through the Student Life Office
    2. Able to request funds through the SGA
    3. Any earned funds will rollover from year to year
  • Benefits
    1. May reserve rooms for meetings/events
    2. May host events, trips, etc.
    3. May reserve space for tabling/recruiting

Any Student Organization that meets the following criteria

  • Has students interested in being an organized body
  • Officer Requirements
    1. No officers will be elected
  • Funding
    1. May have an account through the Student Life Office if an RSO previously
    2. Will not be able to request, earn, or spend funds
  • Benefits
    1. May reserve rooms for meetings
    2. May reserve space for tabling/recruiting
    3. May NOT host events, trips, etc.

All Student Organizations, regardless of tier, MUST have an advisor approved by the Dean of Students or their designee. An advisor may be any current MWCC employee (staff/faculty, full-time/part-time) that agrees to adhere to all Student Organization Policies & Procedures set forth by the Student Government Association and the Student Life Office.

Serving as an SO advisor is considered a volunteer position that should not interfere with the employee's regularly assigned duties. In some instances, serving as an SO advisor fulfills a volunteer requirement for an employee. All advisors should discuss expectations with their supervisor to ensure that conflicts between job duties and advisor requirements do not occur.

  • Attend organization meetings whenever officer elections take place – mandatory.
    • NOTE: SGA Bylaws require that ALL SO elections are conducted utilizing the InvolveMOUNT Elections feature. This may be done over the course of a few days for large SOs or at a regularly scheduled meeting, whichever method is deemed most appropriate. See Student Organization Elections for complete details and instructions.
  • Attend organization meetings on a regular basis – recommended.
  • Be present for all on-campus organization events for their entirety.
    • NOTE: While it is not practical for advisors to be present for the entirety of events such as bake sales and raffles that span many hours/days, they are required to be on-campus and periodically check-in on the event throughout its duration.
  • Attend all off-campus events for their entirety regardless of the length or distance.
  • Attend all on-campus, after-hours events for their entirety.
  • Attend any required organization trainings.
  • Communicate with the Student Life Office regarding any organization activities, change of officers, policy questions, etc.
  • Ensure that organization officer information remains up-to-date at all times on InvolveMOUNT.
  • Ensure that organization officers meet the specified 2.0 GPA, minimum registration in 6 credits requirement each semester, and complete required trainings specific to their position.
  • Advise organization members regarding college policies and best practices involving students.
  • Work with organization officers to direct organization meetings/activities/etc.
  • Oversee organization funds in conjunction with the organization treasurer.
  • Assist organization in requesting meeting space, completing required paperwork, working with college departments, etc.
  • Be available to organization members on a regular basis.
  • Forward all Student Life correspondence to organization members as needed.
  • Complete all required Year-End reports.
  • Utilize InvolveMOUNT for ALL organization business (NOTE: This may be delegated to SO Officers as needed.). This includes:
    • Maintaining rosters and approving student requests to join the organization on a regular basis.
    • Utilizing the InvolveMOUNT messaging system for SO emails/texts.
    • Posting all SO meetings using the Event Submission process.
    • Submitting an Event Proposal as early as possible in the event planning process to secure a date/time that does not conflict with currently scheduled campus events.
    • Keeping the Student Life Office abreast of all event plans throughout the planning stage after the Event Proposal has been approved.
    • Any other tasks available on InvolveMOUNT

Taking on a leadership role in a student organization can be a rewarding experience that allows a student to develop leadership skills, gain confidence, build connections, and broaden their understanding of themselves and others. Student organizations rely on student leaders to fulfill their roles with passion and committment as they help determine the trajectory of the organization.

While students are encouraged to expand their involvement at MWCC through student organization officer positions, students should consider the responsibilities of the various officer roles and make an informed decision before taking on any position. Below are the basic responsibilities of each officer role for all student organizations. These roles may differ slightly from organization to organization and from semester to semester depending on the dynamics of the officer/advisor/member relationships. Additionally, some organizations may add roles depending upon their individual needs.

The Student Organization President is responsible for keeping the club membership engaged and informed of all club activity. They preside over club meetings, distribute the agenda in advance of meetings, and are the spokesperson of the organization to the SGA and the college adminstration.

The SO President should be available to meet with the advisor regularly to work collaboratively in guiding the direction of the organization. Being the president means committing time weekly to the organization and following through with tasks to ensure that the organization remains a vibrant source of engagement for members.

Tasks may include, but are not limited to:

  • Presiding over regularly scheduled meetings
  • Preparing and distributing (this includes uploading it to the InvolveMOUNT Documents section) an agenda in advance of meetings
  • Ensuring that new members are properly welcomed into the organization
  • Delegating tasks as needed among other officers/members
  • Serving as an example to others in the organization and in MWCC as a whole.
  • Navigating and managing the organization's InvolveMOUNT page in conjunction with the advisor and other officers.

The Vice President of a student organization serves as an aide to the President. They work closely with the President to ensure that the organization is following all college policies and procedures and that students are aware of and welcomed into the organization. As with the President's position, the Vice President should be available regularly to attend to organization business and be ready to fulfill the responsibilities of the President in their absence.

Tasks may include, but are not limited to:

  • Serving in the role of President in the event of their absence
  • Act as the primary recruitment officer for both new members and officer roles
  • Oversee marketing for the organization
  • Navigating and managing the organization's InvolveMOUNT page in conjunction with the advisor and other officers.

The Treasurer of a student organization oversees all money related activities. This includes ensuring accounts are kept up to date, Expense Request Forms are processed in a timely fashion, and fundraising is conducted. The Treasurer will work closely with the SGA Treasurer to complete reports as needed and ensure that all state and institutional policies are followed.

Tasks may include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring the SO account on InvolveMOUNT and notifying the Student Life Office of any discrepancies.
  • Ensuring that all Expense Requests are completed in a timely manner.
  • Working with the SGA Treasurer to ensure that all finance related obligations are met by the SO.
  • Submitting the Year-End Financial Report and any other finance related reports/requests as needed.
  • Navigating and managing the organization's InvolveMOUNT page in conjunction with the advisor and other officers.

The role of Scribe in a Student Organization requires attention to detail and excellent written communication skills. The Scribe should be able to record adequate meeting minutes so that members unable to attend a meeting may be kept abreast of the proceedings. Timely recording, distribution, and uploading of meeting minutes is crucial to the role of Scribe.

Tasks may include, but are not limited to:

  • Recording, distributing and uploading of meeting minutes
  • Any organization correspondence
  • Navigating and managing the organization's InvolveMOUNT page in conjunction with the advisor and other officers.

As a student at MWCC you may wonder if joining a Student Organization is the right decision for you. College life provides you with many opportunties to learn, meet new people, experience different cultures, develop soft skills, build your resume and more. Being part of a Student Organization is just one opportunity to get involved in student life. Whether you join one Student Organization or many, the choice is yours.

To join a Student Organization simply log into InvolveMOUNT and browse through the many SOs available. To find the SOs, simply click on the 3 lines at the top left of the screen then click on the Organizations link (3rd one from the top). Browse through the many organizations, the ones noted as Student Organizations are all student led groups that you may join. Click on any that interest you and then click the JOIN button to request membership. The Advisor will receive an email and will soon approve your membership. To ask a question or remind the Advisor to approve your membership, simply click on the CONTACT button to send a message.

Student Organizations at MWCC are constantly evolving to meet the needs of students. While we try to ensure that there is an organization for everyone, sometimes you might have an idea or passion that you wish to share with others and creating a new organization might be how to proceed. Being a Student Organization at MWCC affords you a
number of benefits, such as access to an advisor that can help guide the SO, the ability to reserve rooms on campus for organization meetings, and the opportunity to market your organization at regularly scheduled Expos and/or by scheduling a table in the Student Center.

Things to consider before petitioning to form a new Student Organization:

  • You MUST have an MWCC employee willing to be your SO Advisor. This person must be approved by the Dean of Students or their designee.
  • The SO needs to be sustainable over time. When creating a new SO consider if it will likely remain in existence after you leave MWCC. Is it something that many students will be interested in, or is it only a passing fad or specific niche that others might not enjoy.
  • Think in broad terms, instead of starting an SO for baking chocolate chip cookies, maybe consider an SO that encompasses all types of cooking in general. This allows more students to become interested in joining, and the group can focus on a variety of cooking topics as the members decide.
  • How will this SO tie into the college’s Mission, Vision, and Values?
  • Review the Student Organization Policies and Procedures as well as all of the information on this page.
  • If you are ready to start, click here to complete the form.

At the beginning of the fall semester, each approved student organization that wishes to be active during
the academic year must register with the Student Life Office. Registration takes place on
InvolveMOUNT at the beginning of the fall semester. Refer above to About Student Organizations to determine what tier your organization fall under.

Please follow the steps below to complete registration:

Under Construction

All MWCC Student Organizations are required to adhere to all policies, procedures, and guidelines set forth by the Student Life Office in compliance with institution and state policies and regulations.

The Student Government Association, and PSOs/RSOs will adhere to the following policies, procedures,  and guidelines related to organization funds. Any exceptions must be approved by the Student Government Association Ways & Means Committee as well as the entire SGA.

All expenditures must be made in accordance with college trust fund guidelines.

There are two types of student organization funds: Allocated & Earned

Allocated Funds is the amount allocated from the Student Activities account via the SGA. It may be used for, but not limited to: field trips, dinner meetings, guest lecturers/performers, fundraising materials, and other activities.

  • Allocated income may NOT be spent on:
    • Individual gifts
    • Activities that are not open to all SO members
    • Equipment, unless approved by the Senior Dean of Students or their designee
    • Donations/expenditures to groups outside of the college for any reason except in the form of payment

PSOs/RSOs in good standing (see MWCC Requirements for PSOs/RSOs above) are able to request funds from the SGA on an “as needed” basis. All allocated funds requests must be made to the SGA Ways and Means Committee at least 3 weeks in advance, but no more than 8 weeks in advance. Requests must follow the below procedure:

  • Organizations must approve the decision to request allocated funds for a particular event or purpose through a vote of the organization members at a regularly scheduled meeting.
    • Included in this decision should be an agreement of how much of the organization’s earned funds will be used for this event/purpose. The SGA will expect the organization to utilize some of their own earned monies to fund the event/purpose.
  • A Funding Request must be completed in InvolveMOUNT.
    • This request must include the following:
      • Organization Name
      • Name of Event/Purpose
      • Date of Event/Purpose
      • Type of Event/Purpose (fundraiser for organization or non-profit, organization trip, speaker or performer, etc.)
      • Anticipated number of students impacted/involved
      • Amount of allocated funds requested
      • Amount of organization funds being used for the event/purpose
      • Date funds are needed
      • Any additional supporting documents including a copy of the meeting minutes noting the vote to request Allocated Funds.

All RSOs must earn a minimum of 30% of all allocated funds received for use by the organization for expenses. An organization may initially request funds prior to fundraising any monies for organization expenses, but will not be allowed to request additional monies until 30% of the original allocation has been raised.

  • Example: An SO requests $100 to purchase items for a fundraiser. The SO is responsible for raising at least $30 that will go into the SOs account for future use.

Earned Funds is money received by the PSO/RSO through raffles, fundraisers, donations, or advertising. It does not have to be spent in accordance with the Allocated funds policies, but expenditures must be approved by the Senior Dean of Students or their designee in advance.

  • Earned Funds may be used for:
    • Gifts or items for individuals (T-shirts, year-end advisor gifts, SO Swag)
    • Donations for non-profits outside of the college
    • Equipment if approved by the Senior Dean of Students or their designee
    • All other legal transactions with approval from the Student Life Office

The following will be enforced throughout the year:

  • There will be no private accounts outside of the college for any organization.
  • All organization fundraising MUST be approved by the Student Life Office before it occurs by submitting an Event Proposal.
  • No organization will be allowed to fundraise via “Go Fund Me”, Facebook, or any other form of virtual fundraising.
  • Money earned from all activities must be deposited in the organization’s account at the Student Financial Services Office on the same day as it is received. If funds are to be collected when the Student Financial Services Office is closed (during the evening or on a weekend), prior arrangements must be made through the Student Life Office to secure the funds. The funds (both cash and checks) are the property of the organization and, as such, should under no circumstances be taken home with anyone.
  • Upon request of the SGA, the treasurer of an organization shall submit an activities and financial report at the end of the semester to the SGA Treasurer.
  • There shall be no personal loans or personal advances made to anyone from Student Activities Funds or organization funds.
  • No Student Service professional personnel, full or part-time, shall be paid from Student Activities Fees.
  • Student Activities monies shall not be used to pay personal travel including meals and lodging, except when such travel is done in conjunction with Student Activities.
  • Any payments to vendors, performers, nonprofit organizations, etc. may not be made without a W-9, and a contract in some instances, being submitted to the college in advance of the services, purchase or fundraising.
  • Receipts must contain only charges for items purchased for the student organization. The receipt should not contain items purchased for personal use along with items purchased for the organization. Organizations will NOT be reimbursed without a valid receipt.
  • All purchases MUST be made in accordance with Massachusetts state policies including the use of approved vendors. Please contact the Student Life Office prior to making any purchase with SO funds to ensure the vendor of choice is approved.
  • Massachusetts Board of Community Colleges' rules in accordance with the General Court and Federal Law prohibit expending of college allocated funds for any political, economic, social or religious purpose external to the college.
  • State law requires that three purchase quotes be received before filling a purchase order on any item costing $5,000 or more. Contact the Student Life Office for procedures to follow to meet this requirement.
  • No individual organization member shall incur any debt whatsoever in the name of the student organization without first securing the approval of the advisor and the organization membership along with the Student Life Office or the individual will be personally held responsible for the amount of the debt
  • Any purchases via Amazon MUST be made using the MWCC college account.
  • Any purchases made online MUST be shipped directly to MWCC, no items may be shipped to an individual’s home address.
  • Reimbursement for any off-campus trips or activities will not be made unless all required forms and signatures are completed prior to the off-campus activity.
  • All reimbursement decisions are at the final decision of the Student Life Office.

When an organization seeks to purchase an item or to contract for a service, the first consideration is the availability of funds. Organizations may not spend or commit to spend monies without first confirming availability. Neither organization members nor advisors may enter into a binding contract on behalf of MWCC. The person with whom you are negotiating a contract should be made aware that you cannot make a binding commitment until the contract has been signed and approved by the President of MWCC or their designee.

All expenditures MUST be submitted using an Expense Request Form, please allow up to 3-weeks for processing of all Expense Request Forms. Ensure that you have reviewed all information for the type of expenditure you are making along with Student Organization Funds Policies & Guidelines. All Expense Request Forms MUST include a copy of the SO Meeting Minutes noting the vote to expend funds along with any other required documentation required for the type of expenditure.

Please ensure that all SO rosters are up to date before submitting an Expense Request Form, this will help expedite the signature process.

Prior authorization from the Student Life Office must be obtained prior to making purchases.

A purchase request is made whenever products/services are ordered online or via a vendor that will be paid through an invoice after delivery. This would include orders from but not limited to, Amazon,, local florists, t-shirt vendors, supplies, etc.

  • For online orders, create a document that includes a link to the website and links to each item you wish to purchase. Complete an Expense Request Form and upload the document as required. Please note that some pricing may differ based on the use of the college's business account, most often these prices are lower, but occassionally they will be higher, and typically any discount codes or coupons may not be used.
    • When completing the Expense Request Form for Amazon or, simply use the college address as the Vendor Address.
  • For local vendors, a detailed quote must be submitted with the Expense Request Form. Always check with the Student Life Office in advance of requesting a quote to confirm that the local vendor is on the approved state contract list.

A reimbursement request is done after items are purchased by an individual at a local store. This is primarily for items such as bake sale supplies, small quantities of decorations, food for an event (if the Green Street Cafe has given approval), etc. State sales tax cannot be reimbursed, the purchaser will be responsible to cover any sales tax. When making purchases, only items for reimbursement may be included on the receipt; do not purchase any items for personal use in the same transaction.

When completing the Expense Request Form, be sure to include the payee's student/employee ID number and choose to either pick-up the check at the Gardner Campus or have it mailed to your home address. Scanned copies of all receipts must be uploaded to the Expense Request Form, please ensure that these are readable and include all pertinent information.

A cash advance should be requested when an SO member/officer/advisor seeks to make a large purchase for the SO and needs to have the money in advance. This is NOT the preferred method of purchasing, and should only be done if absolutely necessary. When a cash adnvance is made, the person receiving the advance is responsible for submitting all receipts and remaining funds in a timely manner; they will be held accountable for full repayment if receipts and remaining funds are not submitted to the Student Life Office.

Often Student Organizations fundraise specifically to donate to a non-profit organization. In order to donate funds the organization must first be approved and a W-9 submitted to the Student Life Office. Every non-profit organization will have a W-9 available to submit, simply request this via email. Once the fundraiser has been completed and the money deposited into the SO account and Expense Request Form may be submitted for payment to the organization. Please be sure to upload a copy of the W-9 to the Expense Request Form.

Payment for services would include payment to a speaker/performer, caterer (other than the Green Street Cafe), etc. for services rendered. All payments for services require both a signed contract between the provider and MWCC, an invoice, and a W-9. The contract and W-9 MUST be submitted/completed prior to services being rendered. MWCC has a 45-net payment policy, which means that we have 45 days to pay the vendor. Typically checks can be issued within 1-week of services as long as all paperwork is in order.

Student Organizations are are encouraged and expected to facilitate On-Campus and/or Virtual Events. These may include fundraisers, performances, speakers, induction ceremonies, etc. All Student Orgnization events, both in-person and virtual, must be approved by the Student Life Office in advance by submitting an Event Proposal Form. An Event Proposal Form MUST be completed when an SO begins conversations about hosting an On-Campus or Virtual event. This form needs to be completed with as much information as possible to get preapproval before finalizing event plans. SOs may not schedule events that conflict with other previously scheduled events and the Event Proposal will secure a date/time while the event is being planned.

Before submitting the Event Proposal Form, review the events on InvolveMOUNT to find a potential date that does not conflict with an already scheduled date. This will provide the most up-to-date listing of campus events, but will not guarantee that another SO or department has an event in the planning stages that has not yet been posted. If the Student Life Office is aware of a conflict, an alternate date will be proposed.