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The Deal with Placement Tests

Female student looking at a laptop with headphonesBefore your student can be registered for a class, they need to take the College Placement Test (also called the Accuplacer test). This test shows the college how much your student knows about college-level math and English.

The college uses these test results to help start students in the classes that best match their skill level: beginner, middle, or advanced.

Why Do These Test Results Matter?

Placement test results are important because students who place at the beginner level will have to take extra classes to catch up before they can graduate. This costs more money and takes more time, but is necessary in order for beginner level students to succeed. On the other hand, students who place in advanced classes have the opportunity to earn college level credits faster. This saves money and time. Mid-level results will offer students the traditional path of their program as outlined in the catalog.

The key is to be prepared for the test so that the results are accurate. You may be surprised to learn that it will make a big difference in their score if your student takes the time to study.

How Your Student Can Prepare

Encourage your student to download this free Accuplacer study app which helps them learn. They will use it to take a practice test and each time they get a wrong answer, the app explains the right one. Not only are they practicing test-taking skills, they are learning when they make an error. It’s proven that students who study do better on the Accuplacer.

Advice For Your Student

  • Study for a few weeks before taking the real test
  • Bring your driver’s license or photo ID
  • Plan for the test to take about 2.5 hours
  • Contact our disabilities coordinator before scheduling your test if you need to request accommodations (978-630-9855)
  • Only bring required items–phones, food, and drink are not allowed into the test room
  • Parents, friends, children or other guests can come with you, however, they will need to wait outside the test room, so make sure they bring a book to read