Placement Testing with Accuplacer

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Accuplacer testing has been suspended. For full details on how MWCC is addressing issues surrounding COVID-19 response, please see here


Accuplacer results will help students to choose appropriately when registering for classes. Placement testing may be waived for students who meet other measures of placement. These measures include:

  • TRANSFER CREDIT: The student has completed previous college-level English and math courses that have been accepted for transfer credit.
    • Students that have completed an accredited Bachelor’s degree may be eligible for direct placement into ENG 101 even if they have not taken a transferable ENG 101 course.
  • GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL GPA: Graduated high school students with a 2.7 GPA or higher from within the past three years do not need to sit for math sections of the placement test. Graduated high school students with a 2.7 GPA or higher from within the past ten years do not need to sit for English sections of the placement test.
  • HISET: Students with a HiSET Mathematics score of 15 or higher from within the past three years do not need to sit for math sections of the placement test. Students with a HiSET English Language Arts score of 165+ from within the past ten years do not need to sit for the English sections of the placement test.
  • GED: Students with a GED Mathematical Reasoning score of 165 or higher from within the past three years do not need to sit for math sections of the placement test. Students with a GED English Language Arts score of 165 or higher from 2014 or later do not need to sit for the English sections of the placement test.
  • SAT/ACT: Students with an SAT Reading and Writing score of 600 or higher or an ACT English Language score of 22 or higher do not need to sit for the English sections of the placement test.


About the Test

printable info sheet

The placement test is delivered via computer using Accuplacer,  provided by College Board.

On Test Day:

  • Plan on testing approximately 2 hours.  The length of the session will vary for each student.
  • A photo I.D. is required before the test can be administered and no food, beverages, electronic devices, calculators, or other personal items are permitted in the testing room. Scrap paper and a pencil will be provided.
  • Friends and family may not accompany students into the testing room.  Anyone not testing, including parents and children, will not be permitted in testing spaces. For  more information review our guest/visitor policies.
  • Same day retests are not allowed. For details on MWCC’s retest policy please refer to the College Catalog.


Test Sections:

The test is divided into 2 English sections and 1-2 Math sections. For information on what your placement scores mean, please check here.

Scheduling Testing

Accuplacer testing is by appointment only. This test is administered with the recommendation of an enrollment staff member and the approval of the Director of Academic Support and Testing Services. If you have not yet spoken to an advisor about your placement, email . If you have, and you were referred to test, please emails

Preparing for the Test

We encourage you to STUDY for the placement test

Students should review study materials prior to testing. Register for College Board’s student portal here: Accuplacer Student Portal. This site includes the following features:

  • Practice Resources, such as study guides and sample tests that help you experience the types of questions to be asked on test day
  • Score Report, which allows you to access your scores online
  • Test Center Locator, which lets you find a testing location close to home (should you choose to test at another school, please call us for  further instruction prior to testing)


You can also print out the study guides here:



Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, & Statistics

Advanced Algebra and Functions

(Note: Accuplacer phone apps are not created by College Board and are not recommended for use.)


Next Steps

Register for a mandatory SMART Start event after you have completed the placement test. At SMART Start you will learn about your test scores, course placement, and class schedule.

Note: Students in Dual Enrollment, Gateway, and Pathways programs do not attend SMART Start.

Test Scores

Requesting Scores from MWCC
Test scores will not be given to anyone other than the actual test taker without written consent from the test taker.

  • If you would like to request your scores, or have them sent somewhere else, you may send an email from your MWCC account to Include your name, MWCC ID # (or date of birth), your phone number, approximate test dates, the name of the recipient/institution, and the address, email, or fax where they should be sent.
  • Instead of using an MWCC email account, you may complete and sign the Accuplacer Score Request form and fax to 978-630-9278 or scan and email to
  • Scores may also be released by request from a designee (such as a parent or spouse) listed on a FERPA (Family Educational Right to Privacy Act) waiver form. If you have not completed a form and would like to, or want to make changes, contact the Records office at 978-630-9106.

Sending Scores to MWCC from Another School
If you took Accuplacer at a different school and would like for MWCC to have the scores, you must contact the other school to request the score report be sent directly to Testing Services at MWCC.

  • Score reports will only be accepted if sent directly to MWCC Testing Services from the other school.  Scores are not valid if more than 3 years old.  You should discuss your scores with an Advisor.
  • Schools may send Accuplacer score reports to Testing Services by fax:  978-630-9278 or email to

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

To request reasonable accommodations for testing, please contact Student Services at 978-630-9855 prior to scheduling the test.


MWCC may use your test results for data collection and statistical analysis related to research. Your name will not be included in any research activity.