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Mount Wachusett Community College Holds Pinning Ceremony for Veterinary Technology Graduates

Class of 2022 Vet Tech Pinning
Photo Caption: Back row left to right: Lyndsey Mitchell, Ani Schiller, Gabriella Moreno, Jill Barnes, Dr. Elizabeth Schlupf, Department Chair Tara Novak, Chloe Despres, Stephanie Powers, Adjuct Faculty Hilary Blair, Mayor Michael Nicholson, Dean Veronica Guay. Front row left to right: Adjunct Faculty Jenn Davis, Morgan Brooks-Hoenig, Cynthia Shaw, Rachel King, Isabelle Poulin, Barbara Whitney. Seated: Adjunct Faculty Dr. Charlotte Newell

Mount Wachusett Community College welcomed fourteen students to the veterinary technology profession on May 11, 2022 in a traditional pinning ceremony.

The group of students, some of whom started their program at the former Becker College, were welcomed by Dean Veronica Guay, Program Director Tara Novak, and President James Vander Hooven.

“I am so thrilled for all of you,” Vander Hooven began, “I am struck by the deep-down desire and commitment you all have, overcoming challenges in a program that is difficult, not allowing any obstacles to get in your way. Congratulations to you all.”

Keynote speaker, Elizabeth Schlupf, DVM offered students words of wisdom as they begin their careers.

“There will be amazing highs, embrace them, hold them close to you and treasure them, they are gifts not to be taken lightly. There will be horrible lows, these are also gifts of the universe, they are here to lead us to greater understanding, a promise of never again, and a reminder that we are not perfect.” Schlupf told the students. “I implore you, as you move forward, to keep your own health in mind. Embrace life and explore the other parts of who you are, it will make you a better vet tech and a happier person.”

The students were pinned by a family member, friend or faculty, and then recited the Veterinary Technician Oath as the newest members veterinary field.

Chloe Despres, Gardner
Ashley Ploskonka, Ashby
Isabelle Poulin, Gardner
Barbara Whitney, Orange
Zoe Zupko, Shirley
Jillian Barnes, Ware
Morgan Brooks-Hoenig, Sturbridge
Marisa Costain, Shapleigh, ME
Rachel King, West Townsend
Lindsay Mitchell, Billerica
Gabriella Moreno, Tewksbury
Andrea Schiller, Marlborough
Cynthia Shaw, Oxford
Stephanie Powers, Lowell