Emergency Phones

In an emergency, dial 1111 from any office telephone on campus.

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Inside of the Building:

1st Floor

  • Across from the cafeteria

2nd and 3rd Floors

  • Phones, that work like a walkie-talkie, are located at each end of the main hallways. One important thing to remember about these phones is that the officer cannot talk back to you until you stop talking. Please keep all transmissions short—this allows the officer to better communicate with you.

Exterior Campus Grounds:

  • Outside of the shipping/receiving entrance, across from Mount Fitness
  • To the left of the entrance door at Mount Fitness
  • These phones connect to the college emergency line. Any call from this phone is answered by a member of the campus police department. You must stop talking in order for the officer to talk to you. Keep all transmissions short, and pause after you are done speaking.