What Can You Do With An Automotive Technology Degree?

If you love working with cars, you have a variety of ways to turn your passion into a career. From mechanics to sales professionals, many jobs let you work closely with cars.

One way to achieve this career is by obtaining a degree in automotive technology. These degrees specialize in the mechanical aspects of car repair, teaching students to become automotive professionals. You can use an automotive degree to become a service technician and many other options. Learn more about this degree path and how Mount Wachusett Community College can help you get started.

What Is an Automotive Technology Degree?

An automotive technology degree prepares students for a variety of roles in the automotive industry. These programs teach skills for inspections, maintenance, repairs and other essential automotive tasks. Students graduate with the necessary mechanical and technological knowledge to succeed in many industry positions.

These degrees provide many opportunities for hands-on learning. Students learn to diagnose car issues by working directly with vehicles, helping them build real-world experience. They work with parts like:

  • Brakes
  • Electrical systems
  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Heaters and air conditioners
  • Suspensions

Individual courses delve deep into these components. Students learn to identify problems and resolve them, restoring cars to their top function. Classes might combine textbook and paper-based learning with visits to dealerships and garages. Mount Wachusett Community College offers a wide range of hands-on facilities, including service bays, transmission laboratories and garage observation opportunities.

An automotive technology degree also teaches critical soft skills for professional roles. In addition to diagnosing the car’s problem, automotive professionals must also communicate with customers or coworkers. They need to explain the issue clearly and present possible solutions, building rapport with the affected customers. Automotive technology degrees teach students other soft skills like communication, time management and teamwork. Students also gain confidence in their service skills, leading to more positive interactions.

What Jobs Can You Get With an Automotive Technology Degree?

An automotive technology degree prepares you for many industry jobs. Many programs let you specialize in particular areas, expanding your career opportunities. For example, you might specialize in electrical systems or engines, then find a position that focuses on those parts.

You can choose from positions like:

  • Service technician: Automotive service technicians inspect and service cars at auto repair shops and similar locations. They’re trained to repair air conditioners, brakes, transmissions and many other car components. They can also fulfill service needs, like changing a car’s oil. Technicians use computer diagnostic tools to identify issues and discuss them with customers. Then, they use mechanical tools to repair the vehicle. Service technicians are needed in auto shops and garages all across the United States, making it a versatile position.
  • Service writer: Service writers are essential for auto repair shops and garages. They act as connectors between clients and technicians. They greet customers in auto shops, listen to their car troubles and communicate the problem to the service technicians. Writers are responsible for inputting customer and vehicle information into their location’s database, tracking service work and managing final transactions. Service writers need substantial knowledge of car functions and parts, making an automotive degree beneficial.
  • Sales professional: Automotive sales consultants sell cars, trucks and other vehicles to customers. They work closely with customers and listen to their needs and preferences, then recommend the vehicle that matches. Consultants also persuade customers to buy certain cars and keep their location at the proper sales quota. They must understand details about specific car models and be ready to answer customer questions. As they describe cars to clients, sales consultants might guide customers on test drives.
  • Quality control professional: Quality control inspectors monitor incoming and outgoing products, ensuring they’re fit for sale. In the automotive industry, you would specialize in vehicles or car components. These professionals can work in manufacturing companies, inspecting cars after they’re assembled. Or they might work in auto shops and make sure cars function properly after technicians work on them.
  • Parts manager: Parts managers are in charge of parts inventory at repair shops and garages. They track inventory levels and order replacement parts when needed. Managers might also hire other employees and oversee the overall inventory procedures.

You can explore your interests during the degree and find out if a particular area interests you. Work with your academic advisor and course instructors to choose a future career path.

What Is the Average Salary for an Automotive Technology Degree?

Your average salary with an automotive technology degree depends on your specific job role and experience level. The more time you spend in the job field, the higher your earnings become. And some job roles have higher salaries than others.

A popular job for the degree is an automotive service technician, which has an average salary of $49,249 in the United States. Your salary also varies by geographic region — some states pay more for this position than others. For example, the average automotive technology salary in Massachusetts is a bit higher than the country median at $52,721.

Automotive jobs have steady job security as employers seek knowledgeable and skilled technicians. People will always need reliable vehicles for travel, and skilled automotive workers are necessary to keep people on the roads.

Is an Automotive Technology Degree Worth It?

If you have a passion for cars or want to work as a mechanic, an automotive technology degree prepares you for success. They’re especially helpful if you have limited car knowledge and need introductory explanations to car components. You can complete many automotive programs in just two years, allowing you to reach your career goals more quickly. The degree also provides job security, opening the door to consistent job opportunities in the automotive field.

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or have many years in the workforce and need a change, the automotive technology degree can transform your future.

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  • Garage observation rooms
  • Service bays
  • Conference rooms

You’ll learn the technical and soft skills you need for success in the automotive industry. Our dedicated faculty and academic advisors work closely with you to realize your full potential. Our accessible tuition rates make achieving an associate degree a cost-effective choice on your path to becoming an automotive technology professional.

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