Decision Day 2021 – Where will you be this Fall?

May 1st is considered a big day for college decisions. Many schools use May 1st as their early decision deadline. After months (maybe even years) of researching schools, preparing for college applications, and anticipating, the day has finally come to make a decision and share your excitement about your college plans!

Over the past year, the Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on students and impacted their decision processes heavily. Most students haven’t been able to physically tour the colleges they were interested in, making it much harder to decide. The added concern over the status of in-person versus virtual classes has added to the challenge.

Many students took a gap year during the pandemic.  Research has found students who delay college after high school are less likely to complete a bachelor’s degree even 6 years after high school. And the longer high school graduates wait to enroll in college, the less likely they are to complete a degree. In the long run, you’ll want a college education. Studies show completing a degree makes you much more likely to get a good job and have a successful career. Not only do college graduates earn 66% more than high school graduates, but 11 out of the 15 fastest-growing careers require a college education.

College is expensive. If you find yourself worrying about finances before entering college, wondering if it’s going to be too much money. Fortunately, there’s a middle ground between delaying your degree and enrolling in a college with a $60,000 a year price tag and student loans to match. That middle ground is right in your backyard: community college.

Going to a local community college like Mount Wachusett Community College means you’ll pay just a fraction of the cost of a private college or residential university, so you’ll have less money to repay in financial aid loans.

Choosing MWCC, or your local community college, also means you can continue to support your family while you take classes. Most students at community colleges are part-time, so you won’t be alone if you plan to take just a few courses while you work.

With so many unknowns it’s hard to make any decision, let alone a life-changing one like college.

Just decide to keep learning. Start this fall by taking your college math, English, science, computer, and art classes at MWCC. General education requirements like these are very similar no matter where you go to college. From there you can either finish a degree or certificate with us or choose to transfer the college credits you earn to the 4-year college of your choice.

Mount Wachusett Community College has been around since 1963, and we’re not going anywhere. We’re here so you can keep learning, whether that’s online or face-to-face.

How you choose to prepare for the future is within your control. Some day, you’ll look back on community college as one of the best decisions you ever made! Request info today to get started!